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What exercises to do to increase neck size?

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How do you go about increasing neck diameter, like you see with power lifters?
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I never work out my neck, lol, as far as I know anyway...but doing shoulder presses and the muscles they work, seem to give the illusion that my neck is bigger...(you know, on the sides down towards the bottom of my neck as I look into the mirror)  Is that the area you are wanting to bulk up?

Being a woman, I don't particurly like it myself, as it makes my neck appear shorter. lol
At the gym I used to go to, they have a neck machine, where you can move the padding around to two sides and sit forward or backward so you can hit all four sides.  I was sore in my neck the first time I did it, so I was never willing to push myself on it.  It really sucks if you over do it.  But the shoulder press will increase neck size.  I don't think most body builders do individual neck exercises.
maybe shrugs or upright rows?
I thought it might be the side effect of certain exercises, not one done on purpose.

Grimacing, perhaps?
Shrugs and upright rows will really work. The neck muscles will naturally start to grow from the strain of lifting weights.
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