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What exercises fix sagging boobs?

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I'm 21, I'm 5'8. I used to weigh 165 pounds. I lost alot of weight the fast way (by starving myself) I'm now down to 116 pounds. I wanna go to 110. Okay here's the problem, I lost all that weight and my boobs started sagging. And I can't afford a breast lift.  What kind of exercises fixes sagging boobs? Keep in mind, I'm not good at pushups. Anybody have any suggestions?
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116lbs at your height is already underweight... why do you want to lose more weight? Starvation is very unhealthy, and the weight loss accomplished through starving yourself will likely be hard to maintain.

And as for your questions, if after a year of maintaining at a healthy weight, and your skin still doesn't tighten up, usually the only option is surgery. Possibly chest exercises would work to tighten, but I really have no idea about those.
do you need help?  Why would you say you starved yourself and now you want to loose more weight?
If you lost all that weight by starving yourself, just wait a few months. When all the pounds pile back on, your breast will fill out again.

I don't mean to sound rude.  As someone who has been there/done that, it's the most likey scenario I can think of.

Another consideration (as a 5'8" woman myself), there is not enough fat on your body to fill out your chest. Breast are made of fatty tissue and you starved all that away. Now that it's gone, you have excess skin with nothing to hold up. 

Colbers is right that if the skin doesn't tighten back up within a year, surgery is the only option. 

Wow, yeah... I agree.  You're more than likely going to gain double what you lost back.  165 at 5'8 is pretty damn sexy truthfully! Who would you rather look like.... Beyonce, Scarlet Johnason, or Mandy Moore... or Nicole Richie??  Eww...   here... sometimes people need visuals... ie/

Now I apologize for subsiding your question, but this type of weight loss needs to be giving you a wake up call.  Why do you think I'm trying to lose weight now?  Because I did exactly what you did 3 years ago! At any rate.... to answer your question.  You can't fix your boobs. They do need fat.... but one exercise that can help are flies.  Also chest presses, and the bench should work to firm up your pecs... .not the boobies though!lol
Wow is right.  I'm 5'8 and currently weigh 145.  I wouldnt want to get down to any less than 135.  I hope you gain some weight back!
Pretty_martha I agree with the others and hope you're not turned off by the information given to you. But I think this forum is more about getting to and maintaining a healthy weight, not just seeing how thin we can get.  I too lost a lot of weight on Atkins and other starvation ways, but am right back where I started plus more. 

Hopefully when the weight comes back and even more after you stop starving yourself, which will hopefully be soon, you'll appreciate who you were really were and how you looked before you took that approach. 
the only thing you can really do is to try and build up the muscle under your breast. breast are just fatty tissue so you can't do anything about them. try doing incline bench presses that will focus on the upper pectoralis minor and it will give the illusion of having a fuller chest.

You should also supplement with Omega 3-6-9 pills. it the good fat that your body needs and it should help to tighten the skin.
chest press with dumbells, barbell  on a flat bench, incline, or reverse incline

pectoral flyes with dumbells or on the machine

building up the muscle under the breast can help lift.  I've noticed improvement from working out my chest 1-2 times per week.
The other posters have pretty well covered your issue with being underweight, so I'll just say "ditto" and move on to the specific question. 

I'm about 1/3 of the way through a large weight loss goal, and it's really starting to show.  I was concerned that I was going to lose my boobs as I lost weight, but so far, not so much -- and in fact, my hubby complimented me recently that I was really starting to tone up my chest and my boobs looked great!  All I've been doing is light-to-moderate strength training at my local Y.  I imagine the chest press is the machine most responsible for toning up the breast area, but just having a more overall strong and fit body is doing wonders.

Best of luck in working towards your strong and fit body.
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i was there about 4 years ago. and these people r right. i however am only 5'2. i was down to 87 pounds and i started at 115. i gained 40 POUNDS! in like 4 or 5 months wen i desided to stop starving myself. i shouldve taken a heathier aproach to gain weight back. my advise to you is to slowly eat more, eventually you'll be back at a healthy weight.  what you have is a disease, not a diet, just focus on being heathly. heathly healthy healthy. i am now 120 pounds.. and still trying to find a perfectly happy weight. once you get ur weight back.. get a boob job lol, best thing i ever bought :)    good luck!

Im 5'8 and used to be 165,... you had me till... starving yourselfYell

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