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Exercises for Breast Reduction -- Ladies Only

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Are there any exercises that I could do to reduce my breast size w/o surgery? I am a 38 JJ (yeah, I know Frown) and really do not want to go through surgery. Any suggestions?

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Well, as a non-lady who knows the CC mantra:

There is no such thing as "spot reduction." No sort of workout will target the weight in a specfic area.

That so, there are many people who, in losing weight in general, experience deflation in that region.

I know what you mean cla30, I am a 36H, occasionally 36I. But freedomfrom is right, there is no way to spot reduce, you just have to hope you are one of the lucky ones who looses weight in their breasts.

My nurse practitioner told me that my breasts are "dense", which means it's mostly actual breast tissue... so if I lose weight, my breasts won't shrink.  If your breasts aren't dense, then you may see them shrink because they compose mostly fat tissue.  Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!

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I'm a take this with a grain of salt.  I find that doing chest excersizes helps with shape and I don't know what kind of result that would have on large breasts, but it may help with appearance, plus if you're losing weight and losing a bit of mass in the chest, it may help them stay shapely (rather than deflated).  Also doing back exercizes may help with any back pain that you have because of all the weight on the front and bras, etc....

Hope this helps at least a little!

Original Post by emer13:

My nurse practitioner told me that my breasts are "dense", which means it's mostly actual breast tissue... so if I lose weight, my breasts won't shrink.  If your breasts aren't dense, then you may see them shrink because they compose mostly fat tissue.  Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!

 I just had a breast exam (im 20) and my doctor told me that as you get older, your breasts become LESS dense and more fat (sad, I know!) but once they are less dense and more just fat, if you lose weight, they will in turn get smaller. No one knows how YOUR body will lose weight, but you get the point...

SmileThanks for the comments.  I guess I'll just keep plugging away.

I ask this same question every time I see a personal trainer.... I'm all up for toning  up my  body but if I could somehow  lose a few cup sizes that would  be great.

I was sooo excited when I had a kid that I would go  thru that "omg my breasts are gone" thing that people  complain about - nope - mine got huge and stayed huge!



I'm a double DD now that I have gained weight when I am considerably smaller I am a C cup... so I would suggest a strong sports bra and lots of cardio and I agree w/thermal.. doing back and chest excercises will help lose inches and tone that area it has for me .. I'm slowly shrinking back down to a D cup

I was also hoping that losing weight would make my breasts smaller too. I was also told by a doctor that your breast become less dense as you get older, so maybe my breasts wont change at all since Im 24 Cry.

My breasts got alot bigger when I started taking birth control pills years ago, so I wonder if I wont off the pill, if that would make my breasts smaller? I know I will always be big up top since my whole family is, but I would be satisfied to lose a cup (from a DD to a D).

keb- your breasts probably would get smaller if you got off of the pill. And your breasts will still change, 24 is NOT old! I'm 20 and my doctor said my breasts are still VERY dense, so I imagine that in 4 years not much changes... maybe a little bit.

I thought if they were dense, they had less fat and therefore it would be harder to lose from that area? Am I misinterpreting it??

keb- you are interpreting it correctly. I don't see what your confused about! As we get older they become LESS dense (by nature). Meaning you will be able to lose MORE. I was saying that at 24, you are still young and can expect your breasts to become LESS dense--meaning that in time, losing weight will allow you to lose size.

Thanks kankan. I have another question for you. When I went on the pill years ago, I went from a C to a DD. If I went off the pill, would I lose off my breast?

If you went on the pill before you finished developing- it most likely just sort of pushed you along the road. I doubt you would go from a DD to a C but you may lose some by going off (due to less hormones being moved throughout the body)

Thanks. I would be satisfied with just being a D. Im going to be off the pill for a few months, so we will see. Fingers crossed!

I bet a combination of being off the pill and losing weight will ultimately help you go down.

But just so you know there are instances where that doesn't happen! My mom has been 100lbs at 5ft and very thin, and she has been 150lbs at 5ft which is not as thin--and at both weights she has been a DD!

I'll cross my fingers for you though!

Can anyone give me the brand name of a good bra? I'm an E - When I'm thinner a C or D depending on the time of the month (yes my boobs do swell a whole size in that phase of my cycle, though not so much since I found a fabulous contraceptive pill!)

I wear a Triumph underwire sports bra - recommended by the Australian Institute of Sport, this is underneath a Berlei Tank style bra made of a kind of wet suit fabric. I was fitted for them both by a professional.

The front of my chest, not so much my back and shoulders, but from underarms across the top of the boobs and up the sides of my neck. My fitness has improved since I started losing weight and if I don't keep up the pace I might regress. But I dread excercise because of the movement. Cardio and a strong sports bra are only causing greif - not that I plan to stop but short of using surgical strapping bandages/tape, I'm out of ideas.

I've started taking ibuprofen before I excercise so that it doesn't hurt as much.

Are there any brands in any country that anyone knows of to support and reduce the muscle soreness?

I'm sure I'll lose alot of boob as the weight comes off but that won't happen without excercise.

Catch 22.


The topic comes up from time to time, and the answer seems to always be "Get an Enell".

I understand you want to avoid surgery, but I have to say I am very happy that I did it.  I went from a G cup to a C cup and now I can do jumping jacks and run and jump rope and all the other things that I couldn't do before.  It has only been 3 months but my back feels better and the dents in my shoulders are going away.  Luckily insurance covered all but $750.  If you are huge it is something to think about.  I thought about it for a long time and did alot of research. 

Good luck!

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