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Exercises to banish upper belly fat?

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Hello Smile

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for exercises to tone up the area around the ribs (The upper stomach area) I think it's kind of a continuation of the fat at the sides of my back aswell. Are there any specific exercises for this area as I can't seem to solve it??

Thanks xx

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Fork put-downs and table push-aways.  Most of your fat loss success will be the result of your diet so that should be the main focus.

I'd also like to add your abs are one connected group of muscles. There is no such thing as working "upper abs" or "lower abs"

Diet is most important, far more important than ab exercises!

If I understand correctly the question was what kind of exercises can she do for that area.  My suggestion would be to do belly dancing or go for walks.  As it has been said many times on this site you can not loose weight in just one area but belly dancing does help those muscles in that area. Also walking DVDs help tone all over. This along with a proper diet will help. I hope this answers your question.

Maybe try to get into some classes that require more core movement (or just do it yourself). Like Abs with the ball, kick boxing- i'm in that and I love it because everything gets worked and its great cardio, trampoline and like the other person suggested belly dancing. Or even get workout video to do the above.

Otherwise just keep up with exercise in the diet and you'll get there. Patience yodi son.

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To me it sounds like you asked more about toning your rip cage area than your abs or loosing fat. First off let me say if you are looking to loose fat in just that specific area it's impossible. Fat is supposed to burn evenly. There is no way to actually burn fat off your tummy and leave it on your thighs, it just doesn't work that way.

now if you are looking to tone these areas that's a different story. If it is indeed the rib cage you want to do punches. The muscle responsible for punching raps around your rips and attaches to your shoulder blade. Anther good thing to do is swim to get your Lats which go all the way from your hips to your shoulder on you back. If you can't or don't like to swim you can mimick the movement with free weights or if you go to a gym there are lots of weight machines I'm sure you could find to work them.

That's funny. I have a really toned upper belly, but the lower half is still sticky-out (apparently women actually need a slightly sticky-out belly to cushion their womb, but not THIS muchUndecided).

To tone the upper half you can do crunches with your knees up. Swimming tones all over, including the back (I got way flatter when I was swimming 20 lengths twice a week). Also, replace cycling with elliptical or treadmill if you want to work on upper body a bit too.

Pilates is good for the core in general. An exercise you can do for the whole belly is the plank: lie on your stomach, with your head up and elbows below your shoulders. Clasp your hands in front of you on the ground (it should form an arrow, not a straight line). Resting on your toes and elbows, lift the rest of your body until it forms a straight line. Hold for as long as you can (about 20 seconds when you're starting out), up to a minute. If you're 'staunch' (as my little brother would put it), you can do side planks on one arm and one foot, and if you're 'super-staunch', raise the other arm and leg in the air while you do it (that would probably make the likes of me pass out).

Hello again Smile

Thank you for the helpful replies. I think there was a little confusion over my question. I don't just want to lose weight around this area. My target is to go from 138 to 130 not just loose weight in one area i know this isn't possible.  My question was for exercise to tone up the ribs/back area. So thank you Changling, Bkmanda, and expecially Brooke and Malaika, your answers have been really helpful. Smile

Also I would also just like to add to some of the responses that I actually do think that for losing weight and toning up and generally being healthier (although diet is important) a combination of a healthy diet and exercise is the most effective way to do so. I realise maybe i might have written my question in a bit of a confusing way (Sorry Smile) but i was asking what exercises were useful to tone this particular problem area.

So thank you so much for the helpful answers!

Natalie x

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