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exercise that won't hurt my back?

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I messes up on Wed...took some creating (sic) and felt like superwoman so I overdid it and pulled something in my back. I teach high school and did go to work Thurs and Fri but other than running around my classroom like normal have not worked out. Today has been filled with rest and heat and I just feel like crap... Any suggestions for a workout that won't slow healing? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Your back is involved in most exercises.  I would wait for it to heal, so you don't aggravate it.

Thanks. My husband said that too but working out is my stress relief so lying around is hard. There are worse problems to have I guess...
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I have a very arthritic back and a lot of exercises hurt my back. Riding a bike or taking a spinning class is one of the few exercises that doesn't. I teach yoga and that help keep my back flexible, but even that hurts my back if I over do it. Try the bike

Good luck.

I had back surgery last year.  During recovery, I was assigned walking as the best exercise.  They started me the day after surgery.  It helps strengthen your core to help support your back. 

Other exercises I did while recovering were things like sitting on couch and marching in place. 

Sitting and doing what could best be described as tip toes.  Raising one foot at a time.  I also did sitting leg lifts and time on the stationary bike.  As I progressed, more and more core building exercises were added.  Building your core muscles can help prevent further back injuries.

Basically, you can do any exercise that keeps your back in a stable position.  Avoid twisting, weights, and bends.

Best wishes

Another idea you might want to think about it swimming! (and aqua aerobics) While it can be tempting to lounge around and just splish splash in the pool one can also get a great workout. Like everything I suppose, you get what you put into it.

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Swimming is a good idea when u are feeling better and don't have too much pain,

I had a bad lower back injury actually is a herniated disc and involves sciatica

After 3 years that happened I found out the hard way I have to be careful always even if I feel like my back is normal again

My advice apply ice as soon as u get the injury and rest for a day or 2 if the pain persists maybe 4 days but after u have to Walk at a pace won't hurt u And do elliptical at a low pace and low resistance every day for about 30 to 45 min daily to relief the back


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Hi there

if it doesn't seem to be feeling any better after what ...... 4 days and you 'feel like crap' might be a good idea to see a professional for diagnosis & treatment. depending on where it is in your back it may be more than a pulled muscle......

at least you will know for sure and you can ask what kind of workouts will be suitable for recovery


With any injury at first apply ice for 20 minutes every hour during the first 24 hours. After that time then apply moist heat for 20 minutes every hour to the area then start massage 3 times a day using a menthol cream. During the healing phase which can last 3 to 14 days you continue alternating the ice/heat and keep the massage going whenever possible. Only perform gentle stretching exercise and nothing pushing your muscles too the limit! Rest in between activities. Take it from an old orthopedic nurse who knows!

chi kung. 


amazon carries a large selection of chi kung dvds.

Callanetics would let you continue to tone, and it's gentle on the back. You might need to give it some time before you start up again, though.

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