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Exercise after tooth extraction?

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Hi there

I've just had a single wisdom tooth removed and was wondering how long until I can exercise (forgot to ask my dentist!)? The tooth was already through so the procedure was very simple and un-traumatic - a local anesthetic and in and out of the dental surgery in 15 mins! Has anyone had similar dental work and if so how long did you stay off the exercise? Would I be okay to go on Wednesday night if I do lower impact like the bike and ellipticle?

Thanks! Smile

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call your dentist office and ask.  That's what you pay them for!

Here's an older thread that might help. 180874

I had 2 wisdom teeth removed a month ago and it was very quick and painless. I made the mistake of jumping into exercise too quickly. I can tell you one thing: Do NOT exercise within the first 5-7 days if you can help it. On day 4 I thought I was good to go and hit the gym. However, I had to leave a body pump class  because I started to feel woozy, light headed, and nauseous. It felt like there was a heart beat in my head/mouth. Perhaps leap-frog wasn't the best idea? =) If you must exercise early on in the healing process, do something that doesn't involve a lot of bouncing. Low impact would be a good idea until you're healed up!

Great tip. I also had that problem. Wink

Original Post by iyamkristin:

 Low impact would be a good idea until you're healed up!

Since you were awake during the procedure and it was only one tooth, I would think that you could handle light exercise, but I'm not a dentist.  I'd go with #1 post and call first, just in case.

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