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Exercise during your period.

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Is this a good idea?

I usually have a horrible go at it every month and just can't see exercising!

Also, should i be upping my calorie intake during this time since my body is working harder than normal? 

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My period lays me out. I get really bad cramps and am so tired I can barely stay awake. I don't even try to work out during this time. I listen to my body!

As for calories, just keep them the same. Micromanaging your intake like that is going to make you insane.
I think the best way to approach this is to really just listen to your body when it's "that time."  If I'm feeling really tired, irritable, achy/crampy, then for me, it's best just to rest.  If I try to work out, I can't put as much effort as I'd like into it because I'm either in pain or just too tired, and in the end I think it becomes counterproductive.  I generally only feel that way for two days, three max, and missing 2 - 3 days of exercise doesn't affect you that much, if at all.

But also, some months I don't feel terrible but also don't feel 100% either, so rather than my usual strength training or bike rides, I'll just go for a 30 minute walk, or do some stretching or something like that, just to get myself moving. 

So basically, if you really and truly feel like curling up in front of the TV when TTOM hits, then let yourself do that.  Your body is telling you it needs to rest. 

And no, there's no need to alter your caloric intake.  If anything, I try to keep track of when it's coming, and I'm very good with my food in the days prior to it, so if a chocolate craving does hit, then I can have a small bit for a treat and it doesn't affect my weight. :)
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Exercise and doing crunches during your period is especially good. Reason being: cramps are the muscle contractions that help to get everything out by adding more through exercise and crunches you bleed more therefore getting it all out more quickly. (gross i know...sorry for being so graphic)

I've tried this and it seems to be true. Plus, everytime I go into the gym with cramps I leave without them.

I've never tried increasing my calorie intake but every month my hormones make me crave food like a pregnant woman and I end up eating a bit more than I should anyway.

One more bananas(because they have potassium to prevent cramps) and don't drink cokes (because they make you even more bloated and crap feeling).
I generally try to work out- for some reason, it helps alleviate cramps for me and gives me an energy boost.  It also makes me feel less bloated.  But again, if you don't feel up to it, rest for a few days until your body is ready to go!
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Thank you.

I appreciate the advice.  It all makes sense to me, exercising if you feel up to it or just not.  I am in the "just not" category today.  I did workout to TaeBo yesterday which is a larger workout for me so I think I can afford to rest today.


Thanks once again.Smile

Exercise and doing crunches during your period is especially good. Reason being: cramps are the muscle contractions that help to get everything out by adding more through exercise and crunches you bleed more therefore getting it all out more quickly. (gross i know...sorry for being so graphic)

Not if you have cysts, endometriosis or other evil things that aren't totally normal!
I have to say that I generally "ignore" TTOM and just continue to do whatever workout that I would normally do on that day. That said, I'm pretty lucky when it comes to my period - I don't get cramps, don't feel overly bloated and am generally not moody. Okay - so the not moody part is my opinion, my husband may have a different opinion ;)

I do feel a bit tired for the 3 or 4 days that I'm on my period - but I find that working out really helps energize me. I'd say, as long as you don't have any severe symptoms, there's no reason that you should skip a workout just because its TTOM.

I also wouldn't increase your calorie intake - I'm not sure that your body actually works harder.....Just keep things as normal as you can - and allow for a bit of weight gain during that time, knowing that it will probably disappear a few days later.

I'm another one of the lucky ones, next to no PMS symptoms...temper is a little sharper, but no cramps, and only the occasional lower back tightness.

I highly recommend a bubble bath.  Put some vitamin E oil and scented soap.  If you can, do a bit of stretching.  If you can't, try a heating pad.  Especially the week before you start PMS get some good workouts in and stretch, that's probably one of the reasons I don't get a lot of symptoms other than being genetically lucky.

Honestly, doing stationary cardio helps reduce cramps!
i used to have awful cramps during the first 3 days when my perriods start...i had to pop painkillers, they were that bad. The LAST thing that would be on my mind is exercise! I'd try not to overeat and stick to eating healthy and at my maintenance calories...howeveerrr...I started supplementing on evening primrose oil and i'm taking a multivitamin + minerals daily, i barely had any cramps during my last periods, just on the first day and it was nothing compared to what i was going through before (and nah...i don't have endometrioses, my mom has horibbly painful periods too so it's genetics)....anyways, since i started supplementing on epo and taking my vitamins i don't feel like i need to skip any work outs or eat much more because my body feels more balanced now and i hardly have u could try supplementing on some epo, it could help.
I find that exercise makes me feel much better during TTOM -- helps alleviate cramping alot.  Since I started swimming again, I have noticed a marked decrease in cramping.
I usually feel amazing after workouts, even during my period. I'm one of those, my-cramps-are-so-bad-i-can't-move types...but my day doesn't allow staying in bed all day...which, let's face it, when we feel icky that is what we want to do. So I usually force myself into the gym and an hour later, I feel amazing. But like eveyone else has been saying, it really depends on the person.

i am so with you! I was just about to post something like this.

i get really achy right before my period and don't feel 100%.

maybe i should take a rest but i feel pretty good doing stretches even while just watching TV instead of sitting on the couch i sit on the floor and do some leg stretches and crunches. if my cramps and bloating are really bothering me, i at least try to work on my posture and do some arm stretches. I don't know if it makes me feel better but i feel less guilty about missing out on my work outs since im doing at least a little something instead of nothing.

I'm not sure if it helps you but that's at least what i do! :)

I don't mind going to the gym during my monthly it is just that I feel so self conscience of leaking any ideas?

Excercise is good for cramps but if you just don't feel up to it try these yoga moves.  Done in sequence they got rid of my cramps pronto.  I didn't think it would, but it did.  It was amazing.

Do in order:

1-downward dog-hold for for 4 to 10 breaths

2-camel-- hold for 4 to 10 breaths

3- wide angle at wall- 4 to 10 breaths

4- side child pose-4 to 10 breaths

The wide angle at wall is laying on your back with your legs up against a wall spread out about shoulder with apart

Side child pose- Lay on your side with your knees close to your chest.  Use arm on floor to cushion your head, and let the other rest comfortably on your leg.

The other 2 poses if you don't know them can be found easily on any yoga site.  I didn't find the other 2 though so I tried to describe them the best I could.

After that you may find it easier to get the motivation to do cardio or strength.  It's hard to get motivated if you feel like crud, even with the thought that it might help.  But the yoga sequence doesn't take long and is very relaxing so it's much easier to talk yourself into doing at least that.

Exercise is suppose to suppress symptoms of PMS, so if anything, you should be exercising more!
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