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Do you exercise every day? Take a day off?

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Do you have a formal exercise schedule?  Do you take days off?  How do you cope with boredom from a regular scheduled workout, like treadmill @ home? 

Would love to hear about your exercise routine, how you got started (like overcoming resistance to the very idea) and then how you keep going instead of throwing in the towel???
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I exercise everyday in some way.  I actually didnt exercise today but cleaned my house like it needed to be! LOL

Im exhausted!  I did some jumping jacks whenever I needed a break from cleaning and Im going to work my abs some tonight so I dont feel completely bad.   I have a treadclimber that I do 2-3 times a week, on opposite days I do a cardio dvd.  I have a few so whatever Im in the mood for that day. On wednesday nights I have yoga class, so I try not to do too much of any other workouts that day.  I try to do 50 mins of exercise no matter what it is.
I started doing exercise at a really early time of morning (5:30 am) simply because I wasn't awake enough to talk myself out of it, so it became routine and habit. I try to take one day off each week to let my body rest. Sometimes I have to force myself to because you really do get used to that good energy feeling you have when you've worked out. For a while I was doing the same cardio workout and it started getting boring. So I've been mixing it up with Tae Bo, Kick Boxing and I've just started Taekwondo.  I also love to go walking when the weather is decent. I think it's mostly about finding things that are fun to do that keep your mind and body challenged. There isn't much you can do with a treadmill to keep it entertaining so try to mix it up with other things. Otherwise you'll find yourself dreading your workout.
I would exercise every now and then.... a few times a month if any.  I would say I didnt really start until my weight loss.
Well, I exercise everyday.

I run the mile to these steps that go up the escarpment near my house. I do the stairs twice (About 1000 stairs all together). Then I get off of the stairs and walk very quickly for about a mile. Then I run the mile back home.

I really got started because the stairs were there, and I didn't have any workout equipment of my own. Basicly I just sat up one day and said "I'm gonna do that." and I have been doing it.

On weekends I do anytime between 8-11am and on weekdays between 4-6pm.


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I get on my treadmill in the morning after everyone leaves for work and school and I am by myself. I put the show "Starting Over" on and walk for the hour it's on T.V... I find the weekends harder .. today I spent afew hours cleaning the chicken house out... I was exhausted after that. Lots of wheelbarreling crap. 
I try to exercise every day.  If I don't get to do it one day, or don't get to do as much as usual, it's only because I was feeling ill or was injured, or something else came up that I had to do instead.

I do get bored with my exercise, and some days I don't feel like doing it at all.  That's when I guilt myself into doing it anyway :-P .  Most days I have no trouble doing it, though, just out of habit.
I go for a walk every day, and do 15 minutes of yoga stretching every morning.
You really should exercise everyday, not major, but at least get a walk in. Weight lifting really adds muscle, which is great for weight loss. But you have to lift correctly. When I first started I found out I was doing it ALL wrong, I didn't know. Split your routine up where you work your tric/chest one day, your bics/back another, and legs/shoulders another. After doing that for a couple of weeks, you can mix it up by just doing one of those, like one day just do legs. A trainer recommended to me that I put in a week of powerlifting where I lift the whole body mixed with cardio. So Monday I do all body, Tues is cardio only, Wed is whole body, thursday you die...haha- cardio i mean, and friday you are dead with all cardio. HAHA. You do need to take some time off to let your muscles rebuild themselves, especially if you powerlift. If you do cardio after you weight train, you burn more calories. Occasionally mix it up with a class or something too. Good luck@
I go to the YWCA as often as possible, and there's a variety of stuff to do so I don't get bored. When I'm too tired to go to the YWCA or snowed in or something, I do a yoga video. And maybe dance around my room. XD

Music makes using the machines like bikes and ellipticals more enjoyable. I always have some high-energy music at my fingertips. :3

I'd like to take a martial arts class, because that's at least one day a week where I HAVE to go.

I do walk [I volunteer to walk a couple of dogs], but I don't really rely on it as my main source of activity during the day. I find that more organized exercise is the best thing for me . . . yoga, machines . . . stuff like that. Mostly because I feel heavily exercised after those things. Like I've done as much as I can. If I haven't worked myself out completely, I get really hyperactive and bored. :D

You guys have such interesting routines. Mine is all "blaaahhhhwhatever." :D

ljacobs, I didn't know that about weight training. Thanks for that tip.
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I have lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks following this routine which I consider a change in lifestyle not a diet:

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Sunday - I do 30 minutes of cardio on a Precor.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday I do 30 minutes of weight training.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Sunday - I do 20 minutes of stretching and ab/core crunches on a ball.

Saturday I take off.

I am on a 1500 calorie a day plan and am never hungry as I eat five times a day. Lots of veggies, sushi, raw foods, sprouted foods, tabouli, hummus, apples, dried fruit, great salads, cans of tuna or sardines, sauerkraut and tofu dogs, soups etc. I go very easy on the carbs and meat and no dairy.
I do a fair bit of running, I can't handle running on treadmils...I use to die of boredom...try running/walking outside - the fresh air and sunshine will lighten your mood.  Plus when your outside there is aways something to look at - sometimes the shere beauty puts things into perpective, I find it 100x more enjoyable, than running on a belt.  If you can't do the outside thing, try intervals on you treadmil, I find that makes the time go quicker.  I run all year round snow/rain whatever - there really is no excuse... if you dress correctly and your heart is pumpin you won't get cold...belive it or not you might even enjoy it! 
I was ORDERD to start exercise. I do three times a week for an hour. Treadmill, NuStep (can't explain that one, but you can look it up on the web), two different weight lifting maschines and on for you lower back (since I have lot's a problems there too) and your bootie. At first I thought that I will never survive it, then I bought myself a birthday present, a MP3 player, downloaded differnt kind's of favorites, now the time goes by faster and I add every 4 weeks time/weight/resistance to everything.

You know by now, that I'm also disabled, so I started tai chi for people with disabillity's. I think that's one of the reason my blood pressure is down to. When I'm not hiding in a dark place, this workout, sitting down, is so relaxing but strengthning (sp?)!
I work out every day.  I started working out before I started anything else because it is the easiest for me.  I hate counting calories.  I still hate that part of it but I'm sure doing a lot better.  I don't take a day off if I can help it.  To break things up I add weight lifting and Pilates.  It has helped to keep from being bored with it all.  I walk/run on the treadmill and have recently added interval training on it.  That has really helped me a lot.  On the nights I do the Pilates or weight work I do interval training for about 40 minutes on the treadmill.  I feel like I get a great work out on those nights.  I've used a treadmill now for about 15 years.  I don't seem to get that bored but my body does.  It will just quit responding that is why I love the interval training.
well, i worked out on a gazel 5 nights a week for about 4 months and walked whenever the weather would allow for as long as my kids would sit in the stoller. then my body stopped responding to the workout. i bought "the biggest loser" dvd and started using it 6 nights a week and started losing weight again. it's a great dvd because it has like 6 different work outs on it and you can switch them up so you never get bored. all together i've lost 40lbs...the last 10 lbs have been in the 3 weeks i've been using the dvd.
i go to yoga class twice a week, and i run three times a week. the yoga is easy to make myself go, because i love it... but the running is a bit harder. one of the things that keeps me motivated is new music. i download a new running mix from each week (it's free, btw). it's fast and heart-pumping, and that way i don't get bored. the new music distracts me and gives me a reason to get my shoes on and get out there.
i run 6 days a week... rain or shine. my day off is a true day off, but i think tennis will be filling that void! i don't get bored running, i run outside and there are always people around (except when it rains, then i am alone on the boardwalk!), and the scenery is always changing. i keep going because i love the way i feel when the run is over!
I exercise 6 days a week, take one day off.

Exercise is.. every other day, hop into the little gym my apartment complex has (sorta lame) and lift weights (on all.. er.. five stations of the multigym - like I said, lame.) and 6 days, I play DDR for an hour (though I'm going to try to go outside a little bit more!)
On the topic of "coping with boredom..."

One thing that has worked really well for me when I go jogging is putting some podcasts on my iPod.  I've never enjoyed running very much, and listening to something that can take my mind off it (more-so than music) has really helped put in the miles.

I'd also like to address some previous suggestions to train every day, and warn that not giving your body some time off can quickly lead to overtraining.  It can become significantly easier to injure yourself, if you're not well recovered... then you might not be able to train at all!  :O  I'd exercise caution if you're thinking about working out six or (yikes!) even seven days a week.
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