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Why does Exercise Make me so Tired!

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I find that after every Gym session or running session, that i could curl up in a ball and have a long deep sleep.

I go to the gym virtually every day monday to friday, and go running one day each weekend too. I do a mix of exercise over the week. Usally running, then weight, Pilates, Running and then running again. And then out door running at weekend.

I have read running magazines and everything to help me out. I eat a poached egg on muffin at breakfast, 2 hours before the gym ill have a glass of water and a tracker bar, an hour before the gym ill have a coffee with one sugar, a bannana and a glass of water, then i come out the gym having chicken noodle soup and a wholemeal bread roll.

I've checked with the doctor to see if it was anemia, and thats fine. I just want to find more energy in my body, any suggestions where im going wrong???

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How many calories does that come to? It doesn't sound like much. Or is there more food during the day?

I would guess you need some more calories nad some more protein

I was thinking the same thing - good on the carbs, but where's the protein? There isn't much there as far as I can see, and since your ptotein needs probably fall into at least the 1.6g/kg for "regular, hard running" or even the 1.8g/kg bracket of "regular, hard strength training" you're potentially severely underconsuming protein.

I have the same problem. No matter what I ate I was exhausted after exercise. But I have an ANS dysfuntion.  Maybe you just need more intake of the right stuff, vitamins, etc. Hope all works out well for you.

You DEFINITELY need to eat more calories and take in more protein.  You should feel spent... but energized leaving a gym... even after a hard workout.  From the looks of your picture it seems you don't need to lose weight at all... you need to eat enough to sustain and be healthy. 

If you want to tone your body... you definitely need more protein for that reason alone. 

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