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How can i exercise when i have hurt my ankle? It hurts to just walk on it!

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I tripped over yesterday and twisted my ankle, it has swolen up and it hurts a bit to walk, what exercises can i do without hurting my ankle even more??

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You need to rest your leg or you're going to have bigger problems than not being able to exercise for a few days... if your ankle is injured enough to be swollen, painful, and bruised, then you REALLY need to look after it. The only exercise you can do right now is non-weight-bearing - ie, with your foot off the ground and not putting any pressure on it. No walking, biking, etc. until the swelling is gone and it doesn't hurt any more.

In the meantime - RICE. Rest. Ice. Compression and Elevation will help it heal faster.

swimming or water jogging but only AFTER the swelling goes down and the pain subsides.



If you belong to a gym, check to see if you have a hand bike (sit in front of it and pedal with your arms).  Usually used by the wheelchair bound, but it really gets the heart pumping...and you could lay off the ankle :)

Yeah, stay off the ankle! If it's a sprain, it should only hurt for a couple of days and then you'll be good as new. I would take an ibuprofen and put some ice on it. Put your leg up and do something else other than worry about working out.

If you really must work out, do some upper body strength training or punches.

I wouldn't even try to go to the gym cause if you have to put on your shoes and hobble around, you could end up prolonging your injury, not to mention that it hurts like a son of b****

K thanks everyone, coz i hurt my ankle in the summer (but worse!!) and i was on a walking holiday, i ended up walking like 8 miles on my ankle coz i didn't realise it was bad, and by the next day i was hopping everywhere, then coz i didn't rest it enough (i went to my swimming training and swam a mile leg kick) i hurt to swim for over a month!! i don't want to do that again!!

I misssed my swimming training this morning, but i don't know weather i should go to hocky and swimming tomorrow after skl!! coz i don't want to injure myself even more, but if i don't go 2 hockey training tomorrow i won't b alowed to play in the tonement on friday!!

What do u think?

Also, look for exercises that are aimed at the elderly. There are a lot of things you can do in a chair (for example sit with your abs tight and your knees at 90 degrees. Then do a series of leg lifts with your knees bent and with your legs straight). This will make you feel like you are doing something. However -- and this comes from a workout fiend -- resist the urge to push that ankle. RICE, like someone else wrote, as much as possible. I think you should hold off on the hockey. You can try swimming, but if you start feeling pain while doing it, or anything else, immediately stop. Our body gives us pain for a reason. If you ignore it, I can tell you from experience, you will be SORRY!   There will be other tournaments. You only get one body.

I agree with the others that you should stay off your ankle until the swelling and pain subsides, but perhaps focus on upper body weight training for the time being.  Even if you're working with some free weights and exercising your biceps, triceps, etc.  It won't give you the same cardio workout obviously, but it will help to build up some muscle which will still burn some fat in the meantime. 

i don't think it's a good idea to play hockey so soon especially since thus is a re-injury...... let it heal up once and for all, and when it's healed do some exercises to strengthen the muscles around your ankle so it won't keep happening.



I have an OCD Lesion in my ankle, basically a crater in the bone, which prohibits me from any exercise that is weight bearing.  I recommend pilates until your ankle heals.  Pilates is done on the floor, and believe me, it's a workout!  :0)

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