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How does everyone stay on the elliptical so long??

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I have been reading some posts on here and I am blown away by how long some ppl can exercise on the elliptical! I can stand about 20 min (that's with warm up and cool down) and at that I only average a speed of 3.2-3.5. I thought I was doing well because of the sweat rolling of my body! My machine isn't top of the line, like to change the resistance I have to turn a little knob on it. I'm 28yrs,5'4" , 132lbs, and have been logging my exercise in at moderate for about 2 weeks now. So I guess what I really wanna know is am I right in logging my exercise this way(about 200cals) and how in the heck do others do it so long???? Any advise would be appreciated as I am starting to get frustrated with myself!!!

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Well I personally get bored on the thing so 20 minutes is my limit.  Some people don't get bored while others may be training for something or have other goals plus they are probably at a higher fitness or something like that.  200 Cals seems about right.  That is what I come in about, as well.

20 minutes at a good resistance is perfectly reasonable and a good workout.  Don't worry about it.  I can only run for 7 minutes at a time while others run for hours.  It just takes time to progress in your fitness.   Just keep trying.

We have TVs in front of every machine  -  although after 25 mins or so it does start to get boring and my feet fall asleep sometimes.
Thanks for the encouragement marneedear. I am gonna keep going at it and maybe add some variety. I must be pretty bad cause I have a workout playlist that I burned AND I have a TV in front of the machine that I turn down the volume to and  I watch MSNBC or CNN and just read the tick lines. Hopefully when some of hte fluff starts to come off that will motivate me even more.
I usually average about 45-55 minutes when I use the elliptical...what works for me is breaking it up into 3 different routines....I use the ellipticals at my gym and there are several different routines to choose hill...intervals...etc etc...I do a 30 minute first...when thats done I take a minute breather then start the second routine for 15 minutes and when thats done I take another minute rest and do the last routine anywhere from 10-15 minutes...the second 2 seem to fly by and Im done before I know it....
I used to do it for and hour but now only 30 minutes. but what realy helps me is i have my elliptical in front of my tv.  usualy i watch shows i like on tv. or sometimes i will watch part of a movie then the next day continue the movie. keeps me from getting so bored.

I am one of those who enjoys the elliptical and can do over an hour.  I have a home elliptical and what I like to do is pop in a move DVD or maybe Gilmore gilrs and will watch the movie or a few episodes of GG.  If I work out in the am I'll watch the am news shows but haven't done that in a while.

when I am doing a long session I just go at a "walking" speed and not push hard - as long as your moving your burning cals and sometimes a slow steady workout is better anyway.   

I would ussually go for about 45 minutes.  About that time my feet start to fall asleep.  Blasting upbeat music tended to work for me.  Plus I would ussually make a little game out of it.  I'd be like alright I'll go ten minutes pedalling forward and with in that I might break it  up with a minute going all out full speed sprint then slow down for a minute and "rest" and then maybe 2 minutes at an average pace then speed up again.  Then after my 10 minutes I would switch and pedal backwards for 10 minutes or so and work on intervals again.  To me this broke up and it wasn't just boring ole repative movements.  When you break it up you can play with resistance levels as well.
I'm with you--I could never do any more than 20-25 minutes.  I think part of it was that I got bored, but part of it was just that my endurance sucks. :(  I don't have access to an elliptical now, but I'm increasing my endurance on the treadmill by alternating speeds and just trying to go a little longer every day.  I'm sure the same would work for the elliptical (although when I tried, it seemed to take longer than this is taking).  But not being bored is key.  Music doesn't really entertain me, and I don't like TV all that much, so I have to read in order not to be bored.  That's difficult, though, with all the bouncing around.
I think if your feet fall asleep, your shoe laces are tied too tightly.  This was happening to me, and I loosened them up, and now its fine.  When Im on the elliptical, I do two routines - 30 min fat burn, with intervals (I sprint for the last 20 seconds of each 2 min. interval)  and then 60 min of 'gluteal training' where they break it up and you pedal forwards then backwards, then forwards - as you climb a 'hill'  I also do sprints, 30 seconds for each 2 min.  That keeps my full attention - sometimes I'll watch the tv - but, mostly Im focused on all the numbers on the machine, my heart rate and speeds ect.
I am with ninja on this - I do interval training and can whiz right through 30 minutes...and I would do more except I always add a swim at the end and need too much time to fit it all in.

interval could be a trick if you are dialing in your resistance, but we do similar in spin class.  make sure your elliptical machine is lubed up and not added extra resistance - or your calorie count could get way off.

I worked my way to a 8 minute warm up, and then alternating one min sprints and and one minute breathers.  I also find that the music I listen to impacts my RPMs...I suggest good trance/house music with a strong bats per minute count if you can tolerate it.
Just gotta know how to push yourself, when i do my more intense workout (45mins) i have pre set goals so much distance before so much time, and not letting my speed fall below a certain level or i tav on an extra minute for every time it happens, and ya there are times when you wanan get off and quit and just call it a day but eh just gotta push through it and want it bad enough i guess?
anyone bulk up from using an elliptical? I generally walk for 30 min at 4.2...I used to do the elliptical, and felt it was making my quads bigger. Went on for the first time in forever yesterday, and my quads were quite sore today. I'm 5'1 and pack on muscle very quickly.....should I avoid it?
i usually stay on for 30 mins and by the end i burn around 200cals
I think it all depends how hard you push yourself. I can practically go on forever on a low resistance setting, but if I do the hill setting at a high resistance level, I'm dead after 30 mins.
Maybe your routine is boring.  Do you have an incline you can adjust?  Try different levels along w/ different resistance settings.  And for even more fun, throw in some good 30sec to 1 minute sprints:)  All that change helps with the clock watching. 
The elliptical is one of the most hated parts of my exercise routine -- and yet probably the most important. I do 45 minutes at moderate speed, 4-5 times a week. The ONLY things that make it bearable are magazines and TV. I spend about as much on magazines as I do on the gym membership itself. Other times, I will schedule my workout at a time when I know there's something good playing on the TVs at the gym (then I get kind of upset if someone changes the channel!).  It sounds awful, but whatever it takes to keep my on those machines, I'll do.
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i agree with harlequin 71. listening to some good house/club music keeps my mind off the counters so, by the time i finish 30 mins 
and burn off 230 to 270 cal ories, i sometimes get the urg e to go on.

actually, this is my favorite part of my workout. my shirt's soaked butÂ
i get that  runner's high a fterwards.
I wait until one of the TV shows I like is going to start and I exercise while I watch. I get insanely bored during commercials, though. My mom can only do about 20min, too. I am starting back so I'm slowly adding minutes each week. Before I quit, though, I was doing 70min twice a day... I figured it was better than sitting on my bum watching TV! I also don't sweat too much. Right now, I'm doing 50min twice a day, and if I can't do it twice then I do 60min for the day. My effort is either moderate or vigorous, I don't know anymore how to do it slow, lol. And I switch between back and forth every 10min to keep things interesting. I'm a nutcase!
i pace myself, i used to get bored and tired easily but i figured that this is (i feel) the best machine for me to work out on because it dos everything. In an average 2 hour workout three times a week i do 2 x 30 mins on the cross trainer = 600 cals (i stop after 30 mins for a minute stretch/break plus two times 300 is a psychological tactic so it doesnt seem so long lol) and then i do 20 mins on the rowing machine, then another 20 minutes on the cross trainer. in all 1000 cals and working on the areas i want most work on :)

Its interesting how some folks think this equipment is a bore while others (like me) enjoy it.  I think the treadmill is the absolute worse.  If I want to walk I'll do it outside thank you very much LOL....

I have a home elliptical and I'll pop in dvd's or watch morning news programs while I work out.  I guess the real secret to any workout is finding sometihng you enjoy doing and can continue to do and challenge yourself as it gets easier.

I think working out is a pleasure and for me a stress releaser. 

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