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how to even out my stomach? one side is bigger than the other

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one side of my stomach is bigger [the right] than the other [the left side]. is something wrong with it? anyway to fix it?

i know our bodies are symmetrical, it just that it seriously bothers me when i sit. one side is heavier and i cant take it. i continuously keep switching the position i'm in until i get fed up and stand.

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Are you talking about muscles? Genetics/tendency to use one side of the body I'd guess. Our bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical anyways.

i know our bodies aren't symmetrical but it gets to the point where one side is heavier and i cant take it so i switch the way i sit continuously until i get fed up and stand up.

I had a similar issue with my lower abdomen being lop-sided. i.e it leaned to the right. 

I have managed to start evening it out by increasing my fibre intake  - this is with more fresh vegetables vs a fibre suppliment. i have also being doing more abdominal targeting cardio-vascular workouts, in my case Beachbody's Hip Hop Abs and Turbo jam.  It is not something that i have managed to fix overnight and it still not symetrical as yet, but it is getting there.

Hope this helps


Stomach like upper or lower abdomen??? Maybe you have an enlarged liver... Which could mean many things...

Fat and muscle can both be asymetrical (I had uneven love handles until I lost my weight), but at 5'4" and 115 lbs you probably don't have conspicuous amounts of either!

If it is bothering you, I would suggest going to a doctor to make sure that it isn't an internal problem (like an enlarged liver) or a skeletal issue like scoliosis.

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