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Elliptical vs. Treadmill?

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Which machine burns more calories?

I used to spend around 25 minutes on the treadmill running 6 mph, but now I usually do elliptical for about an hour (6 miles each workout). I've checked some websites online, and they say that an  elliptical burns more calories (plus I feel less tired working on the elliptical).

Would running on a treadmill burn fat faster than on an elliptical?

Thanks in advance

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i think it might depend on your body type?

i'd like to know too.
I would say elliptical, but I am not 100% sure. but it does depend on how fast you go and the intensity/resistance you use. On the treadmil it would also depend if you used an incline or not. So its very variable.
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Uh... you run 6 miles on the treadmilll in only 25 minutes?

Maybe I am not understanding you...
Choco, s/he probably meant running for 25 minutes at a PACE of 6 mph, not 6 miles in 25 minutes.

Personally, I think the elliptical is much more effective for the simple fact that you've got the ramp and resistance and you could also stride backwards to work different muscle groups. However, running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise as well. I believe you can burn up to 1000 calories (or more) in 1 hour by running at a 6mph pace.

Unfortunately, I can't run because I'm fat, and I'd hate to mess up my knees by even attempting it. =P

Love and Alohas
I meant that when I go to the gym, I usually do 6 miles on the elliptical (about 1 hour of workout nonstop) or two 3 mile workouts (30 min each).

I think I'll stick to elliptical then. Thanks for the advice :)
From my own personal experience, the treadmill burns more. At least that's what the monitors say. Then again, they're not 100% accurate.

I also feel less tired on a treadmill, than an elliptical. I'm just weird I guess?
My suggestion is to do both: alternating between the Treadmill and the Elliptical.  Too much of any one machine and your body will become used to the workouts and it won't be effective any longer.  Also, the constant impact that running on a treadmill will have long term implications on your joints.
fluffyveed4, is right my trainer said no elliptical, cause your body gets used to it quick, but i think if you alternate them you should be good, try throwing the stairmaster in there if you can.
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