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Elliptical toning my butt?

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Last week I only ran on a 2.0 incline on the treadmill, and noticed that my underwear got a little tighter than usual.  Before that, I had only used the elliptical.  Does the elliptical tone that area, as compared with the treadmill?

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Original Post by white_sakura:

Last week I only ran on a 2.0 incline on the treadmill, and noticed that my underwear got a little tighter than usual.  Before that, I had only used the elliptical.  Does the elliptical tone that area, as compared with the treadmill?

....maybe your dryer setting was a little high on your last load of undies.  ;)


ha! it is proven that underwear can shrink up to a size. honestly i don't think that one time on the treadmill at a low grade does anything noticeable. more likely you're bloated which is making the but more tight or the dryer shrunk your undies. without measurements no one will be the wiser.

We need before and after pictures before we can  comment.

Alright.  Well, I wasn't sure because I don't do measurements on myself at all.  I suppose it was bloating, since all of last week I did feel that way.  Thanks!

I just thought I would say that I know the elliptical does tone the butt... but over a long time... like someone said, I don't think one time of working out can affect your butt enough to change your size... wouldn't THAT be nice? =)

elliptical will tone the btt even better backward, on the highest tension you can handle close to 20-- and take freaky looking deliberate steps as close to a reverse lunge as you can-- getting your thighs as parallel to the floor as you can- you look foolish, but once you get it down- it's a killer

now that's an @ss work out!

Sweet!  Thanks for the tip =D

It sounds like this is a new exercise, they say that when you exercise a body part for the first time, the blood rushes to the area.  This gives the appearance that the muscles are bigger. 

elliptical do not tone the butt... SQUATS tone the butt :)


please don't discount these members workout choices for some muscle development-- an elliptical CAN muscle up a butt- it's repititive movement using body weight for resistence & if you activate the muscle as in any exercise, you CAN & WILL build muscle...

squats do a lot whole body wise- we can't debate that- but for others who do rely on the elliptical for a good workout should not be discounted from the fact that it will build mass while being a low impact cardio workout-

i credit a lot of my shoulder definition with appropriate activation of my delts with  the elliptical handle push/pull - i give my quads and glutes a good workout going backwards and getting my thi's parallel to the floor...

it's how you do it & if you are activating/squeezing/using the muscle for mass development- any exercise where you are using your body weight in some way for resistence will help to build mass- although no where near the same quality of mass development as heavy weight training.

keep in mind too, that as you do more cardio, with proper diet & exercise- you will lose fat & see greater muscle definition emerge from under the fat loss...

keep it up ladies! working out is incredible for you!

Original Post by iamme1270:

it's repititive movement using body weight for resistence & if you activate the muscle as in any exercise, you CAN & WILL build muscle...

 Repetitive movements (as in ton's of repetitions) with low resistance (which could mean body weight) will actually shrink your muscles not build them.  Your body will adapt to repetitive movements and will let go of muscle mass to make the movement more efficient.

I wasn't trying to be mean, I just think there are more productive uses of time at the gym than the elliptical if their goals are to tone that area.  

The whole, something is better than nothing argument is less than convincing.  Why not do the most efficient exercise for your goals?


- yes, muscles will 'lighten' out & that's with hundreds of hours of repetition, like a marathon runner has-- very lean mass  -- to improve the weight of the runner & for long endurance usage of the tissue

but we're talking elliptical workouts here- not massive endurance training - you can & do build muscle on it- just not massive mass like you do with lifting...

you will build mass using the elliptical for 30 mins or so several times a week- unless you train on the elliptical for endurance, which i highly doubt people other than runners will do!

oh & be sure to increase the resistence as you build up the endurance other wise you will 'cardio plateau' and not burn as many calories as it's easier for your body to complete!

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i agree 100% morgan- but we have to remember that not every single person goes to the gym with the goal of creating a very cut feminine physique like some of us-- i mean, if I want to improve my ass, it sure as heck is not going to happen by running elliptical only- i mean, i will lose fat, but not bubble it up high & hard like I am with squats, deadlifts, stiff-legs, lunges, and all that other leg & glute work that i do...

i just want us to be supportive of all types of working out on here- and yes, you can get a good muscle workout on a cardio machine IF you TAX & ACTIVATE the muscles you want to work on-- i mean, doing the elliptical backwards with exagerated like reverse lunges on a very high tension like running in mud-- works your glutes and quads very well-- as does the stair-mill with a 40lb weight vest on for 30 mins--

it's all how you work it-- along with your weights-- and if you don't do weights- you can still build some pretty cut angles using body weight & resistence-- TRX has really cut my shoulders & low back very well...

Bravo, iamme1270!!
Original Post by trhawley:

Bravo, iamme1270!!

 thanks trhawley! i just hope you're sincere & not being facetious with me! ;)

and to begin with- this was about tight underwear & ONE (1!) WORKOUT on the 2.0 incline out of a possible 15.0 incline on a treadmill - and could it have built some glutes bc underwear was tight?! --

i mean, we could be mean about that question, but why choose to be catty/caddy when we can offer support!?

if I had a dime for every woman that sees my back/shoulders at the gym & asks how I did it- first, i'd be rich-- and then when i say weights- it immediately dispels their idea of the whole 'female' bulking' syndrome issue -(for most of them, some of them are appalled but wtf?)- so I share my info on weight training - and change their opinion from -- OMG- i can cut muscle & be healthier from weights other than just cardio!?

I think if women understood that the media-pushed hot women out there in the mag rags & hollywood actually push some iron-- they'd be more likely to try iron- but hey, you don't see pics of the stars doing squats in mags- and quite frankly if I was famous- i don't want anyone seeing pics of MY FACE while I do squats either!

They ellipitcal is one of the most popular machines at the gym, yet I can't stand it.

I get bored and it takes forever for my heartrate to speed up.

Much rather do the treadmill any day.

Actually, iamme, it was the entire week's workout on the treadmill xD;

but I get what you mean. =P

iamme, you really know your stuff..

White_Sakura, Squats with added weight is good for the butt.. You can get deeper, and press the muscle a lot more when your are doing squats... Not only that.. I feel you get a lot more depth when you are doing squats. It's better than any treadmill or Elliptical. Yes, you can feel a burn in those areas with these machines, but I feel it a lot more when I am putting forth the effort.  Using added weight, and deep lunges and squats.

I do have these machines, and I use them often... I don't get as good as a workout on them when it comes to my butt. The real deal comes from my own body weight and added weight for some resistance. This is what has been kicking my butt into the best shape.. Yeah! Elliptical and high levels on the treadmill can do it for you too, but it's all about what kind of results you want after the long weeks and months :)

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