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Elliptical and stationary bike workout-as good as the treadmill?

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Well, my normal workout is running on the treadmill(which I pretty much despise) with maybe 10 mintues elliptical workout at the end. However, today, I went on the elliptical for 20 minutes and the stationary boke for 20 minutes. I really don't trust the calories readers on those machines, because they never ask for your weight, but they said I burned 400 calories, so I'm going to say I burned between 300 and 400 calories. With my normal workout, I burn about 50-100 cals less. But, after I run on the treadmill, I feel way more worked out...a.k.a. way more tired and I really feel like I've exerted myself physically. I got that same feeling today on the pther machines, but it was less instense.

I'm very ignorant as to what is cardio and what is not. So, I have 2 questions-1. Are the elliptical and the stationary bike cardio machines? 2. Is a workout on the elliptical and bike as good as the treadmill?

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yes they are cardio machines, and you will get a good workout from them, but running is still the ultimate fat burner followed by elliptical then bike.
Ive given up on trying to figure out how many cals I burn during my work out.. I too, had the same dilema when I started the treadmill, it was saying the cals I burned were waaay less then on the elliptical yet the treadmill was waaaaaay more challenging physically..  Frustrating!
i prefer the elliptical - i have knee problems from running too much. also as someone who used to run a lot, i feel that the elliptical is a better workout - it works your upper body AND the lower body, and due to the ability to add resistance, you burn more calories. studies have shown as well that elliptical vs. treadmill, at the same effort, burn virtually the same amount of calories.
Thank you all for your responses. I guess I'll start alternating between the boke and the treadmill, as well as the eilliptical each workout. :)
Great question! I was wondering about this myself :)  I'm bored of  Treadmill now and was thinking for using a bike at gym but since you're SITTING on a bike, I wasn't sure if it will be as good as running on a treadmill :)

Oh, my treadmill does not allow me to enter Weight/Height info either but the instruction say that the calories count on the display is based on a person carries 185 lbs. and I have to do the math manually to personalize mine :)

Not sure if all Treadmill use 185 lbs as a default weight for calculating the calories burned :)
I prefer the elliptical and bike over the treadmill.  I have shin splints and plantar fascitis and walking too much causes a lot of pain.  I also think walking outside is much more enjoyable than walking on a treadmill.  
As for the question - are they cardio machines - they are if you do a cardio workout on them... same with a treadmill.  Saying something is "cardio" just means that you keep your heart rate up.  Therefore, weightlifting can be cardio if you do it with few breaks.

And I, too, always note how wrong the calories kept on those machines must be.  I only trust the calories for ones I have to input my weight.  Typically, running burns more for everybody, but is more likely to cause injury/pain.
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