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the elliptical, arc trainer or treadmill???

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I was just wondering which one of these machines people found to be more effective.

The treadmill really is terrible on my knees... but for some reason i think i may lose weight faster when I walk for 45 minutes at 4.0-45 region

The arc trainer is a bit easier and I sweat alot when on it. I burn up to 750-800 calories every 45 minutes (so it says) but i don't know if i get the same results

I ahve lost weight a few years ago on the elliptical before, but I'm apprehensive to get back on it... not really sure why

What machine do you guys prefer?
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I personally favor the elliptical.  But my gym doesn't have an arc trainer.  Try mixing it up a bit.  Every now and then I use the stair master or exercise bike.
I like the elliptical.
I like the arc trainer. I don't know if the "calories burned" part on any of those machines are totally accurate but I know when I use the arc trainer I "feel the burn" more then I do on the eliptical.
I started using the arc trainer a little over a month ago and I think it's resulted in the most productive weight loss I've had since I started my diet.  It's one hell of a workout, especially since I still can't jog for more than a couple minutes (lower leg pains from being overweight for so long).  Though this summer I plan on spending more time at the gym and doing both Arc Trainer + Elliptical as well as walking on the Treadmill and see where that gets me.
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I perfer the elliptical myself. I feel like I get a better workout.
My elliptical is my best friend some days!
I love my treadmill =p
I prefer the elliptical because of my shin splints and plantar fascitis.  If I "walk" I do it outside in the fresh air.
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treadmill is awesome! i feel like im doing the most on the treadmill.
I have never used the arc trainer.  I find that the tremill/running in general is too hard on an old knee injury.  I love the elliptical.  I try to mix it up and use the elliptical/ walk on an incline on the tredmill/ and spin class.  Spin class will kick your butt.  I only do it once a week, but if you have a good instructor she will make you feel that hour!!!

So yeah, I would say ... Elliptical!
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what is an arc trainer??   I use the treadmill, but I'd still like to know what the arc trainer is...
I actually don't like the arc trainer at all.   It feels so unnatural a movement and nothing like what I feel like running.

I'd rather walk or run a fast pace on the treadmill... spin on a bike... or hit the stair stepper.

Still I know at some point I'm going to need to vary my cardio up and I'll start using the arc trainer even though I really don't like it.


Arc Trainer is similar to an elliptical.
I hear treadmill is best, although they are often full at my gym.

I really dig the elliptical.  I use my whole body and sometimes pretend I'm sprinting, although the machine's motions are a bit short compared to my stride.
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gotcha... thanks Night
Mixed it up! There's no need to commit to only machine.

I myself prefer the elliptical but I never do it two days in a row. If I do elliptical one day, I'll do the Arc Trainer the next or a Stair Climber/Ergonometer/Bike combo (I've added this routine recently because I've felt I was to enamored with the elliptical.) The latter doesn't give me as great a calorie burn as the Elliptical but I felt I needed to work on my thighs/buns/arms in a different way.  

You should also try to add intervals to your workout no matter the machine you use.
I love the ArcTrainer!   I spend most of my cardio time on the Arc.  But mixing it up now and then is good too just so your muscles don't get bored.  Every now and then I'll run on the treadmill, or crank the incline up to 15% and walk @3.5mph on the tread mill, and I spend time with the elliptical too - forwards and backwards.

I do think I burn most on the ArcTrainer.  Maybe just cuz I like it most and can really get into a rhythm with it.
The most effective machine, exercise, etc., is the one you like the most. If you like it, you will do it more frequently and not dread it.  I agree, mixing it up works for me.  I walk my dog for an hour and then either do the stairmaster and/or eliptical trainer at my gym.
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