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Elbow pain from curls

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I have recently increased the weights that I am using for standard dumbbell curls. I am 45 yrs old and started been feeling pain at the elbow joint. This is also felt when doing flys the next work out day but only for the first set. I was hoping I would work through it but it has hung around longer then I thought it would (3 weeks) Is this normal? should I stop crying and burn through it? Or have I maxed the weights due to connectivity tissues? I am only lifting 35lbs one arm curls, I thought I would get higher.



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Check with a doctor - joint pains aren't something you should shrug off or try to outwait unless that's the advice from a medical professional.

 In your particular case using resistance bands instead of weigts may be helpful as an adjunct in the rehab period, a physical theraphist may be able to advise you on specific exercises to adress your individual needs.

 If it's ligament pain you're feeling, you may just need to use lower weights for a period of time to allow your connective tissue time to adapt - that process is considerably slower than muscular adaptation. But check with a medical professional - long-term joint health is too important to ignore.
I thought I had developed tennis elbow cuz I was having elbow pain after doing some workouts -- push ups are no longer an option for me.  I went to dr had cortizone shots and now go to physical therapy to discover its actually arthritis -  Try moist heat at night after working out - go see a dr and rest those joints.  I do Advil, Aleve for pain and found these Icy Hot sleeves to be a godsend to wear during the day.
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do you find you can lift more during hammer curls rather than standard curls? 


Sounds to me like an injury - if your pain is bad enough to make you cry!

I also have arthritis and have been having elbow pain for the past several months (along with joint pain my my fingers and occasionally my hip, knees, ankles). I first noticed the elbow pain would come on after a run, so I thought it was related to that, maybe from carrying my water bottle or the constant arm pumping action (even though I'd been running for months with no problems). I thought it would eventually go away, but it hasn't, but it also hasn't gotten any worse. And it's both elbows, not just one. But the pain doesn't make me cry. It's more of a naggy, constant ache and a stiffness.
 Hmm, I can move a lot more weight with standard curls than with Hammer Curls - they target slightly different muscles as you can see.

 If your pain is joint angle specific enough that changing from regular curls to hammer curls lowers it, it's probably more a soft tissue injury than a joint issue.

But you really need to get it checked out to be completely sure. And never train through injury and pain on your own - you risk making it chronic. Physical theraphists may assign you exercises that activate pain as part of a rehab program, but that's different from just lifting and hoping it'll go away.

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I do think that it is a soft tissue issue. It is slightly sensitive to the touch and there is no pain unless there is a load placed on it. I will get it checked out..but what are your thoughts on the soft tissue issue.
Could be a pulled muscle in that case, or some deep-tissue bruising.

 Soft tissue injuries are generally treated with just rest, sometimes a pressure cuff and icing s helpfu, and maybe mild stretching to keep your range of motion in the joint. But which is appropriate for you is something a theraphist should decide - with the correct treatment you could recover in a couple weeks, and doing the wrong thing could make the injury chronic.

 Which is why you need to have it checked out by a professional to make sure; there's so many things it could be ranging from the benign to the downright dangerous that you need to get it looked at in person.
This is an area I can help. It is a common tendon inflamation from over doing the curls. People with desk jobs and a computer station are the first to fall victim to this injury. Use ice and asprin, not ibprophen! If it's a tendon, Ibprofen is going to agitate it. Stay off of Growth hormone too. Too much causes tendon issues. Good luck

Having pain longer than 2 weeks is not good, see a doctor. Also, research the "zottman curl" Slight diff in movement might make a difference.

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