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Eating Whole Eggs After A Workout?

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Alright guys. Lately, I’ve been eating one hard-boiled egg
with hot sauce after my 30 minute workouts. I work out every day, so I’m
concerned with two things:

1. Am I getting too much cholesterol? Besides the
egg, I don’t eat much cholesterol at all, but I figured one every day might add
up after time.

2. Is an egg the appropriate thing to be eating
after a workout? I know you’re supposed to have protein, but there’s also fat
in the yolks and I know you’re not supposed to have fat right after you
exercise, so I was wondering your opinions on that.

I’ve looked into other high protein snack ideas, but I’m not
really a fan of peanut butter or Greek yogurts. I only want something 70-100
calories since I wanna fit another snack in before lunch, which is a few hours
after I workout. I thought about having a few lunch-meat roll-ups like ham or
turkey, does that sound alright? Any other suggestions?

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I'm no doctor, but what I'm about to say is what I researched before I took advice to eat eggs each day for breakfast for weight training purposes.

Unless you have high cholesterol levels already (get tested because lots of people do but just don't know it yet), you will be fine.

Eggs are packed with protein, at least 6g per egg. But although they do have a lot of cholesterol (about 200mg and daily allowance is about 300mg), research is starting to show that the intake of cholesterol may not influence the blood levels as much as previously thought. You liver produces cholesterol too, so should we all remove it to prevent it?

Egg yolks are also packed with vitamins B6, Folate, B12, A, E, D and K. The white doesn't contain any of this. Half of the protein is in the yolk also.

Read The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk which has a detailed list on the benefits of eating the egg as it is.

If you'd rather look into other options, look into protein powders. Some of them can have up to 30g in one serving! They can be expensive though - I pay $50 per 1kg for mine which lasts me about 2 months though if I only have it after weight training. If I took it per the instructions (breakfast replacement plus after exercise), I'd probably have it all within a fortnight

eggs are great! As for after a workout, it may be beneficial to throw some carbs in there, but its not going to really "hurt" you either way or anything

Eggs are really good for you especially after a work out .. but i have noticed that by eating 2 eggs including the yolks my Chloesterol level was ' too high ' so now after my work out i tend to scamble the eggs using just 1 yolk and semi skimmed milk :)

Ajaro, I'll try to add in some carbs, thanks for the suggestion :)

Samswill, I read the egg yolk article, it was very informative! I'm going to print it out for my grandma, since she's basically afraid of eating eggs haha

Eating an egg after your workout is fine. I do not believe that eating cholesterol leads one to have high cholesterol. Just like eating fat does not make someone fat. It is more complex than that. I eat eggs almost everyday and have low LDL (bad cholesterol) and high HDL (good cholesterol).  In fact I just ate 4 eggs cooked in bacon grease, 6 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of toast with butter, and a glass of milk. It was delicious.

I second ajaro's suggestion, post-workout carbs are good. There is a lot of hype about protein, but post-workout I feel that carbs are more important.


Original Post by solid555:

In fact I just ate 4 eggs cooked in bacon grease, 6 strips of bacon, 2 pieces of toast with butter, and a glass of milk. It was delicious.


 Exactly how I LOVE my breakfast!

I have started eating eggs as a snack either boiled with hotsauce or scrambled with just a smidgen of ketchup (I am trying to eliminate the ketchup all together). The reason is because fruit doesnt last very long in my house (kids love fruit) which is great.  No one in my home eats eggs just because  Plus you can get a ton of eggs for a great price on sale.

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