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***Eating Before and After Gym***

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By the time I get home from work ‚?? get dressed ‚?? and go to gym - it is 7pm.

I gym for about an hour to one and a half hours.

So let‚??s say I get home by 8.30pm.

By the time I‚??m finished preparing my dinner its 9pm and I sit to eat.

My question is, should I rather eat my dinner one hour before gym or eat after?

I am not at all that keen to be eating at 9pm because your body is slowing down and it won‚??t digest my dinner that well.

But some people say I can eat one hour before but I need to replenish protein or whatever after I work out!? So what can I snack on after gym?
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You SHOULD eat within an hour and a half of finishing your work out to replenish protein in your diet, since many workouts, both cardio and muscle building can tear some of your muscles.

So, one way or the other, I'd plan a snack, before or after the gym. If you eat your full dinner after the gym, give yourself an energy boost within 2 hours of your work, conversely, if you eat dinner BEFORE going to the gym, make sure to have a protein source (such as a protein shake, but doesn't have to be)  after your workout :)
Thanks for that.

But don‚??t protein shakes make you gain muscle? I don‚??t want to come out looking like a she man!
since you are coming home from your gym so late, I wouldn't sweat eating t 9 you need to eat, just on those days keep it light.

Eat a small snack before you work out, like energy or granola bar. As far as protein, if you just have a small sandwich with lean turkey breast you would be fine.  yogurt works too, and if you can find it at your store buy some natures path rebound cereal it has everything you need for after workout nutrition.
Women don't have testosterone, so you won't look like a she-man, i promise :) lol.  female body builders usually take hormones and stuff to build themselves up the way they do.  if you just get whey protein or something you can use 1-2 scoops to make a really tasty berry smoothie. it's a great snack, and, i just discovered, berries are a great source of fiber!
I got this idea from a friend who is very active: Pre workout snack: applesauce + fat free cottage cheese. (She actually added 1 tbs whey powder). This got digested fast, you can have it within 30min before gym, and I can tell ya, it makes a difference in my endurance!

If your gym session is quite intense, bring a sports drink (I like Powerade, not too sweet & has low carb). You can sip it during workout instead of plain water, that way you get our electrolyte replenished while exercising as well as helping with your endurance.

Snack after gym (immediately?) I like banana - half banana + fat free cottage cheese or blend with chocolate milk. Rich in potassium - one of the electrolytes.
I forgot to add. As it is, if you are working out regularly at moderate to intense intensity, chances are you not getting enough protein. So adding protein here and there actually will help you maintain the muscles you build. It wont make you even anything close like Zeena. :)
Kiigan, women DO Have testosterone, just as men have estrogen, but you'd need to work REAL hard to ever build that kind of muscle, twiggy. I mean, take a look at most female athletes, such as the Williams sisters. Do you think THEY look like she-men? Because they DO have muscle, enough muscle to be able to play tennis as well as they do.
She-men are gross. I know where you are going with this. My mom wants to be one. But some muscle looks good, eat your protein or you will look like a person who has never worked out a day in their life. Flubby and Sloppy.
^^ That was her 1st post. Is that a true statement anyone? "eat your protein or you will look like a person...."

I don't get home from the gym until 10:00 at night and go to bed around 11:00-11:30. Is it ok for me to have a post workout snack or protein supplement this late?
Yes. You SHOULD be having a post workout snack, as I explained above :)

Yes, it's late. So.. maybe make it a relative small/light snack, but I'd definately still have one :)
good... now I'm not worried about that beef jerkey I had after I left the gym last night, lol. BTW HK, I'm reading your "Check it out" that's in your profile... good stuff!
im working with a personal trainer and he reccomends this.. not to say he is right or wrong but this is coming from someone who has background

before i go, say about an hour before i go because of how my time scheduele runs.. i eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal

then when i get home from the gym which takes about 30 min cuz of the location, i have a whey protein shake, simply just fat free skim milk, 1 scoop powder, and a sheet of graham crackers mixed together... then 2 1/2 - 3 hrs later i have chicken, sweet potato, & broccoli

and that dinner doesnt come til around 7, u need to replenish ur body.. eating is not a crime, its choosing to eat the wrong things that is a crime lol
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