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When can I eat after my workout?

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I just finished 20 minutes of a turbo jam ab workout and a 20 minutes of a pilates workout. I can't have dinner until 6, should I have  snack now? Will it ruin all the hard work i just did? Or should I just wait until dinner. I'm not actually hungry right now....
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Why eat if you're not hungry?  If anything, have half a banana.  It's good for potassium.  Maybe some PB on there for protein.  Or some yogurt.  Otherwise, have a glass of water and wait til dinner. 

I'm no pro, though... anyone else know what's a good plan?
Protein, Protein, Protein. 30 minutes before you workout try to eat about 10 grams of protein. Immediatly after your workout eat 20-40 grams of fast digesting protein. Your body is in overdrive digesting and absorbing like mad. Feeding your muscles protein will keep them from feeding on themselves. The stronger your muscles get the more fat they will burn in addition your resting meatabolism will be increased. This is why it is also important to avoid fatty foods after you work since your body will want to process the fat and store that much quicker.
Which types of protein would you classify as "fast acting"?  I have been trying to find good sources of protein for after a work out.

Sorry to hijack the thread, I think the question is somewhat related so I hope you don't mind!
I usually eat a protein bar RIGHT AFTER I workout.

Keeps my hunger at bay =]

oh, and 'fast acting' proteins would count as bananas or even an egg. gets to your muscles really quickly.
FYI Bananas have very little protein in them.  They are mostly carbs.  The previous posters are right however, theyare a very good after or before workout food.  If I am going to run in the morning before breakfast I usually eat half a banana before to keep me from running out of gas.

If you are able to work out and not eat anything until dinner, and then still control yourself during dinner it is not necessary to eat right after the workout.  Never eat just for eating sake, that is what gets us in trouble and logged onto C-C.  If you feel your body really needs something then eat something small, yogurt, grapes, banana, 1 oz cheese.  You muscles will be craving carbs after a workout because that is what your body uses to replace the glycogen stores you used during the workout.  Protein is used to repair your muscles and necessary to build muscle but not necessarily the minute after you finish working out.

It is very easy to eat after working out because you feel you should, then eat your planned dinner and absolutely cancel out all of the good you did with the workout.
haha yeah i just figured that out. it only has like 2 grams of protein.

but bananas are still an excellent food to eat after a workout :)
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I drink a whey protein shake after my workouts.  It's liquid so your bodu doesn't have much to do to break it down so I would call this fast

a little protein after a work out is great but you dont need much, what your body needs is glycogen, ask any nutritionist out their, best recovery drink/meal, a glass of chocolat milk.  I am serious, i run marathons and sware by this as a recover drink and energy drink.
yeah you didnt say if you are hungry after working out. I know that I get that crazy person hunger that makes me want to eat everything in sight. So usually I drink a ton of water and wait for common sense to come back and if I am hungry I have a small snack if low calorie I eat fruit if I am low carbing it I have pork skins or jerky. I make it a point to have a list of snacks that are within the limits i need to maintain and where I can find them on the go. Like 7-eleven always has fruit. And most mini marts have skins. Water is everywhere and if you have a bottle you can get it free. But just dont eat to eat it defeats the purpose of an ass kicking workout.
Eat when you are hungry!  Listen to your body.  If it's not hungry after your workout, don't eat.  Eat healthy, protein-rich, and nutrient-full foods when you begin to get hungry and stop when you are satisfied.  If we could just get back to the basics, people wouldn't have to struggle so much.  Just my thoughts...
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I know you posted your comment/question a LONG time ago, but I just wanted to share my information.  Feel free to disregard if you want though.

There is a window immediately after working out.  It's roughly 30 minutes, but some say it can go to about 60, hence the reason it's called the golden hour.  This is the BEST time to eat for your body will immediately use it.  And if you don't you are more likely to lose muscle than gain it, and that would be bad because muscle creates a higher metabolism.

That said, it's best to eat simple carbs. Doesn't sound right, I know, but post workout is the best time to eat a simple carb because it's easily digested and it replenishs the glycogen levels in your muscle quicker, that way you won't end up losing muscle. 

Also you should drink a whey protein shake.  This is because whey protein, mixed with water or milk or juice or whatever, enters your body as a liquid and thus is the quickest form of protein to be digested.

You don't want to eat solid protein right away or complex carbs, because both the protein and the fiber in these are slow to digest and won't get to your muscles fast enough.  And you don't have to eat anything big.  Something like one scoop of whey protein mixed with 8-12oz of water or skim milk and a piece of toast with some jam works just good if you want something small.  Yes, it's between 200 and 300 calories depending on the bread and all that, but the protein and milk/water will help you feel full so you could go longer until your next meal.

Also, as a side note, it's better to eat smaller meals more frequently to keep your metabolism up...
On day that I lift, I do a scoop of whey protein and 8oz of skim milk 30-60 mins after my workout.  I usually throw either unsweetened frozen strawberries or rasberries in there... do these count as simple carbs?
Protein, Protein, Protein. 30 minutes before you workout try to eat about 10 grams of protein. Immediatly after your workout eat 20-40 grams of fast digesting protein. Your body is in overdrive digesting and absorbing like mad.

This is exactly what I did yesterday.  I had a cup of arugula with 3 oz of tuna right before I went to the gym and then had 6 oz of salmon with a small portion of kidney beans/green bean salad.  Is salmon fast-digesting protein?
Yeah I usually eat 10g of Protein and have about one and a half scoop of my Whey Protein which is about 36-40g so I think that is good I have been noticing improvement in my muscles.
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