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eat so healthy but still don't have flat stomach?

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I have lost about 22 pounds and I eat super healthy all the time! The only problem is, my stomach is still not as flat and hard as I would like it to be. Will doing an workouts fix it? Or is there something else I need to do?
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Yes you have to workout to slim your stomach, if you want abs, it will take time and hard work. I'm also in the same situation, I have been working out for 1 month now to get rid of my belly by using Zumba, p90x and running. I am seeing results but I think it will probably take 3 months to have what I want which is flat stomach. So my advice is to take it slow. Patience is what you really need and eating healthy definitely helps.
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Try only drinking water that seems to help me

If you aren't doing any thing to improve the muscle tone then you will never have a hard flat stomach.  Also females have pooches- learn to live with it.  I have daughter's who are perfect weight one even very thin and she has a nice stomach.  Females are suppose to have a little cushion to protect the uterus for future babies.

If you want to firm up what you do have lift weights lift heavy and do squats, deadlifts, lunges presses chin ups pull ups and planks.


Kylhtch you are on the correct track you need to do some core strength training to firm up your abs.

Abs are made in the kitchen. What is your " super healthy diet" like? Make sure you aren't eating too many servings of grains in a day. The only way to truly achieve visible abdominal muscles is to have a low body fat percentage period. You get that by eating a very clean diet and exercise comes second.

I believe you have to hit around 15 percent body fat in order to see your abs (for females anyway). 

I believe you have to hit around 15 percent body fat in order to see your abs (for females anyway). 

I think 10-14% or even less is for a female 6 pack, I believe slight definition to decent definition can be around 15-19% depending on several factors. By flatness do you mean not bulging or by gaining definition? can depend on you and your body type, if your waist is smaller than your under bust and your stomach is smaller than your hip measurements, is that flat enough?

Or are you aiming for certain measurements? Some female bodybuilders (from female transformation of the week, on (I'd roughly say heights 5'2"-5'10") some stomach measurements are roughly 31inches with 33-36inch hip and 24-28inch waist but have less than 19% body fat and great abs. mation-clean-eating-made-her-a-model.html (10% body fat still no six pack) mation-sohee-so-hot.html (18% bf, flat stomach/slight definition) mation-fitness-infatuation.html (15% bf, decent definition) mation-a-soldiers-sojourn.html (12% bf, about a 6 pack) mation-packing-fitness-onto-a-full-plate.html  (13% bf, the defined 11 abs) mation-sarah-contested-her-flabby-fate.html (14% bf, 6 pack) monster-active-living-with-ms.html (19% bf, almost 6 pack) mation-brandi-lost-the-post-pregnancy-pounds. html (19% bf, flat stomach and defined)

This is just for reference, some ideal abs we want take a lot of work and some have nice genetics and make it look easy :P

The abs are ok but personally I am more interested in having the arms from this one mation-sarah-contested-her-flabby-fate.html&n bsp; I am getting closer!!!  I figure more people ( like everyone in the summer) will see your arms, but only a few select people will see my abs.  yea sure if I get down to a decent body fat % maybe I'll wear sports bras only to the gym, but I am realistic.  I am 52 years old, I have "old" skin.  I abused it by getting fat and the resulting loose skin is something that more than likely won't ever really be gone no matter what my bf% is.  I'm going to have that fold- I will not do cosmetic surgery. 

So I say do complete body buidling workouts eat right and don't fret over a little "pooch" 

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