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What to Eat for Breakfast Before Working Out

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So last week I started going to the trainer. However, my first session, I did not eat enough and began to feel dizzy.

I know there are protein shakes and different mixes that can give you a lot of calories fast.

What foods do you eat before working out? And don't recommend not eating--that's not an option at all.

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I have a half a cup of oatmeal w/ berries and a cup of coffee...

maybe not the healthiest, but it gets me through my 6 mile runs!

I eat an apple with peanut butter. The owner of the gym I go to suggested eating a piece of fruit before working out as something that would be easy on the stomach, and I've found that adding peanut butter gives me that extra boost I need with the protein and still doesn't jumble around in my belly. :-)

about an hour to an hour and a half before i go to the gym i have porridge with added bran and seeds and then chop up a banana into that drizzle with honey and sprinkle with flaked almonds. tastes wonderful and gives me plenty of energy for my workout without the jumbly belly effect.

I always have cereal (bran), oatmeal, or toast with an apple or chopped medley of strawberries and pineapple. The fruit keeps me energized!

Don't eat anything fatty or heavy, your body will be using energy to metabolize it. Eat easy to digest foods, like fruits or cereal.

Have you tried Quaker Oats Weight Control oats yet?   7 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and only 160 calories.

carbs carbs carbs, you need carbs to get the energy that you need to work out hard..

oatmeal fruit and nuts, coffe or green tea....

toast and PB, 1 banana.... or a smoothie

Depending on what I have planned for that day, I eat either 1/2 or whole banana or oatmeal.  Sometimes cold cereal in milk if I haven't bothered to get to the Kroger.  I always have a protein shake immediately after working out.

Hey there! I had the exact same problem last week. I ate a slice of toasted wheat bread with peanut butter. I did my cardio routine first then met with my trainer for weights. Within 15 minutes I was dizzy and my ears began ringing. I took a break, but had to leave because I could not snap out of it. He told me I didn't eat enough.

This week I'm going to try oatmeal and a piece of fruit. I also plan on bringing a granola bar for after my 45 minute cardio routine and before my weight training. Hopefully, this works for me.

Did you find something to eat that helped you?

@graceawakening -- if possible you should try to do your weights with the trainer before your cardio routine. 

Nothing like High Fiber Quaker Oats or a Cliff Bar before a morning workout ... I like to add in an apple or banana with those two options always an hour or a little more before a work out (just to be sure I'm well digested!)

Something light that agrees with your stomach. It is one of those questions like "What is your favorite color?.

Lately I have been on tvorog/honey kick. I mix low fat tvorog (farmers cheese), with a bit of none-fat greek yogurt, table spoon of honey and have it in a burrito wrap. I really like the ones from LaTortilla Factory. Mainly because calories per wrap is about right for what I am using them for.


I love UD's wrap idea (as usual) and will be trying it soon.  I will also make a wrap with cashew butter or almond butter & cut up banana - usually on weekends before long runs.

My latest habit, however, is even parts of Fage 0%, pumpkin puree and low fat plain Kefir, add cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice and mix together.  Top that with Kashi GoLean and Nature's Path Smart Bran.  I will change up the pumpkin for apple sauce (or cut up apples), mashed banana, berries - something fruity to flavor the plain yogurt. 

And of course, good coffee. 

I usually have my breakfast an hour to an hour and a half before my workouts.


I workout in the morning and what I do is drink a muscle milk shake before I go running. It is a good balance of protein, and carbs and easily digestable. I then go workout and when I come back I eat oatmeal, with skim milk, banana and 1/4 c fiber one cereal.... That seems to work well for me!

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