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Drinking Alcohol after excersise????

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Generally I do my long runs on friday mid-afternoons (About 10 miles at about 7.0-7.2mph) during the week I do HITT workouts/short 6miles runs.   BUT...on friday nights I generally drink.    I'm not trying to lose weight (just maintain) I'm 110 pounds/21 years old.... so during these workouts I burn close to 1000 calories....  is it bad to drink that night after running so much? I usually drink a lot of water before i go out to keep myself hydrated.   I've heard it's not good for your system though...your body metabolizes alcohol this true??  I  kind of like doing my long run on friday so that I can make friday night my cheat night (drinking/eating badly)... but is this terrible for my body???

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i love beer!

alcohol is already bad for your body. whether or not you're working out. but if you chose to drink thats your choice (same choice i made!).

if youre keeping yourself hydrated i really dont see how it could be bad.

i mean, would it really be better if you just didnt run on friday and still drank? i wouldnt think so.


but maybe im wrong. but. hey, only one life to live. may as well enjoy it.

Yeah drinking is bad for you whenever you do it, but its part of life isn't there is no real time when it is any worse or any better for you.

What I would say though, alcohol has a far harder effect on your body if taken on an empty stomach, so make sure you eat enough after your workout, otherwise you'll have the 'drinking on an empty stomach' nightmare intoxication experience. Your bodyu can burn through a lot of calories on a long run, so make sure you put something pretty filling back into your body before you hit the beer. Something like lots of brown rice, protein and veg.

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Even if you eat before you drink, it might hit you harder than it would otherwise.

I don't know how long between your work out and when you plan to drink, but from experience I know that if you drink pretty soon after you work out, your tollerance goes way down.

If your going to drink after exercise choose beer.

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