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Do drink a shake with a little protein after workout...

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I read something yesterday that made me confused. the writer mentioned that " immediately after you get off your bike, drink a carb rich recovering drink or a shake that is mostly carbs with a little protein. "

I thought that a lot of protein after working out is the right thing to do. What do you think?
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The latest I had read was to have the protein shake before working out, then a carb drink after.
I am more confused now:)
There have been a few studies that just came out, that showed if you drink a protein shake before your workout it will make your body more anabolic and you will get more muscle in return, compared to taking one after the workout, that is mainly towards weightlifting. You are getting done with cycling so you will need a  carb to help replenish your glycogen stores and bring your blood sugar level back to normal; but you also want to get some protein also to help with muscle recover and repair. So try and find a drink with carbs and protein in it, I used to mix gatorade and plain whey protein, but you need a strong stomach for that.
About a year ago a study was done at Indiana University that compared commercially available sports recover drinks with low fat chocolate milk, water, and a placebo.  This study found that the low fat chocolate milk performed the best.  It contains lots of carbs and a reasonable amount of protein and was easily absorbed by the body.  These test were done on endurance atheletes.
Yeah it also contains 208 calories in 1 cup! 8 grams of fat, 26 grams of crabs and only 8 grams of protein, That's not enough protein.
so it is a protein shake before my workout. GOT IT:)

Thanks a lot.
According to this site low fat chocolate milk has 158 cals in a cup with 26 grams carbs and 8 grams of protein.  The difference must be fat.  However, endurance atheletes that are looking for the best recovery drink are generally eating a very high amount of calories daily inorder to avoid weight loss.  So what is the goal, performance or weight loss?  Also, most commercailly available recovery drinks have a similar amount of calories per ounce as the choco milk, they were however not as effective.
Actually, I make my protein shake. I add a banana and some ice to whey protein powder ( 20 g of protein). it makes like 2 cups. each cup is like 125 cals with 10 g of protein. I will have that before my workout.

I am not a body builder :) but I try to lose weight and suffer muscle soreness.
I drink 2 cups of milk.  100-140 calories per cup depending on the type of milk.
Dang body science. 26 grams of CRABS! gross i dont want crabs. LOL jk.  I got a question though I usually take about 40g of protein after my weight lift and workout (pushups situps etc) should I continue taking them afterwards or before because i dont take protein shakes on the days that I include cardio.
you know you can go either way, I take one before and after it gives me more energy during the workout. I take mine with water, I don't drink milk too often, don't need the extra carbs. Try having one before your workout and see how it goes.
How much earlier before my workout? I take whey protein so its fast acting But i dont know how much earlier i should take it.
About an hour to 45 minutes, you want your muscles to be saturated with amino acids.
K awesome.  And if i put the powder, water,strawberries would it still taste alright? 
it should
bodysciene: I read that eating before workout should be at least an hour before going to gym. yesterday, I had a protein shake right before my workout. It helped me a lot but just wanted to ask you if it is ok?
it is really good, I do the same , so do most of my clients.
Today I ran for 1/2 hour, walked for 1/2 hour, than swam hard for 15 minutes, and did water areobics/foam weight things for 15 minutes.  I decided to drink instant breakfast (powder) afterwards, as I was craving protein, and that with soymilk made my muscles less sore than what they usually are afterwards, and it has carbs and protein.
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