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How come I don't sweat? No matter how hard the workout!

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I can workout just as fast as my husband and he would be sweating like a pig! Not me! No matter how hard I workout I can't sweat! Any reason to this??
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DRINK WATER.  This means your severly dehydrated.  you need to DRINK.  Especially if you work out in the sun, for an extended period of time...or just in general!  Up the water intake and you should be fine.  
coffee - if you drink plenty of water and still aren't sweating, you need to be checked out by a doc. Your body might not be cooling itself properly.
I agree that you could be not drinking enough water. I do notice that since I started making it a priority to drink more water (2-3 quarts a day) I sweat a lot more while exercising than I did before.

Also, I think some people do tend to sweat more or less than others. My husband also sweats much more than I do when we exercise together and he's in better shape than I am.
It's also somewhat dependent on genetics. I don't sweat a lot, even when I'm totally exhausted.

Drink more water and kick up the intensity. ^^
go see your doctor. there are many things that can interfere with the body's heating/cooling system, and it's possible that your body doesn't know how to cool itself off. personally, i take two medications daily that interfere with my body's system, so i have to watch out for when i may be getting too hot.

i agree that it could be genetics too - either way, your doctor will have some answers.

hope you start sweatin' soon!
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You should take this as a serious matter.  Please research the following.

Not sweating. From the Greek an- meaning a lack of + hidros meaning sweat = lack of sweat. The inability to sweat may seem a blessing but it is not, since to sweat is to be able to stay cool. Anhidrosis creates a dangerous inability to tolerate heat p

Best Wishes,
Don't kick up the intensity if it feels intense already!  You may be sweating a little and not know because of the environment?  Is it very dry where you work out?  What kind of clothes do you wear? 

If you do not sweat at ALL, then yeah, I would see your doctor.  Do you sweat under other conditions besides exercise?  If not, you could have that condition. ^
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My Mother and I both have this problem.  Even if very well hydrated, we never sweat.   We both have difficulty being outdoors in very hot weather.   We get exhausted fast.  It's a pain, I'd rather sweat!

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I totally agree. I'm glad I started looking up my weird problems, because I'm finding out a lot of people have the same issues. When I tell people sweat they think I'm being prissy, but in fact it's really bad. I get horrible headaches and clogged pores. I drink plenty of water, so that has nothing to do with it. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know I would really appreciate it. In the mean time I'm going to research this more and finally see a doctor

you could try to apply a light weight lotion and turn the heat up in the house... I used to body build and when I did this starting off it started the sweats with no problem :) thanks

I used to have this problem. The people I ran with always noticed that my shirt hardly got wet at all, when theirs was soaked. At the time, I thought that it was due to me being a tall, lean guy, with long limbs and that I just evaporated the sweat off more quickly than others. Unfortunately, that theory didn't jive with the fact that I was extremely heat intolerant during exercise. I have always drank lots of water, more than others, so that wasn't it.

It may have been an electrolyte imbalance, because I started sweating much more after I started taking magnesium supplements. To find out how much you actually sweat during a workout, weigh yourself before and after. I now lose 2-3 pounds of water weight an hour when I am training hard. A liter of water weighs about 2 pounds. Just getting in better cardiovascular shape increases the number of blood capillaries in your body (including the skin). That increased blood flow to the skin can allow you to sweat more freely as well.

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