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Am I doing something wrong?

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Lately when I have been using the elliptical, my left foot falls asleep!  It's really annoying and uncomfortable.  Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix it?

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Yes, it happens to me when I am walking on the treadmill and it is also my left one only that falls asleep!  It mostly happens when my incline is over 4...  I can usually stop for a minute and shake it off...  

hi there feet do the tingling thing as well except both feet after 20 min...i find that it may be caused by using the top portion (ball) of your foot rather than using the whole foot or pushing down with the least it seems to releive it somewhat if i concentrate on pushing down with my heel of my foot..sometimes that doesnt work and i have to stop for a few minutes to stop the tingling as well...that is the only thing i have found out...its using too much pressure on the ball of the foot and not the whole it cuts the circulation down in the foot...hope this helps..jobelize

Loosening your shoelaces, as has been suggested by many people is good. But When this happened to me this past cross country season, I asked my coach about it and he told me to loosen my toe box. The toe box is the very front part of the shoe. Just loosen the laces there and you will improve your comfort and circulation and all that. It should help with the foot falling asleep problem, if it doesn't you might want to see a doctor or something though.

The same thing happened to me and my girl friend as well when we first started the elliptical.  It seemed to be one of those things that works itself out the more we did it ...neither one of us has a problem with it now but for a month or so it was a pain...I'd stop once in a while to wiggle my foot and then continue. I was aiming for 30 min. 3 times a week but when my foot started acting up I went for less time but every day instead and increased my time...little by little it went away. I've ran into many people with the same complaint and it was never a foot problem just a getting used to it problem. Hope this helps.

I LOVE the elliptical because of the low-impact, as well as the fact that I don't feel quite as disoriented as I do from the treadmill (walking and not getting anywhere...). However, when I start doing it, my hips start getting wierd pains. My DH says that this will go away with time. Maybe it's the same with the numbing.

This is lack of circulation due to constiction of som sort. If your heavy make sure you pause and make sure your shoelaces have at least 2 fingers that can fit comfortbly under them. Also take your weight off your foot and rotate your foot in a circle.
This is lack of circulation due to constriction of some sort. If your heavy make sure you pause and make sure your shoelaces have at least 2 fingers that can fit comfortbly under them. Also take your weight off your foot and rotate your foot in a circle for 1 min seseconds

I had the same problem, but I found a remedy.

From having lots of experience going to chiropractic, I realized my posture was causing the problem.

Like many have said, focus on using your heels and not your toes, and... tuck your butt, tighten your abs, and hold your shoulders high. This will force the use of your knees, and the hips will work properly.

IOW, stand up straight. It will work.

Happy Healthgain,

Wow... What an enormous number of theories.  I also get a numb foot when I am riding my bike.  When I got new bike shoes it went away. When I replaced the insoles in the shoes, it came back.  There are blood vessels that run along the top of your foot.  Your shoe is cutting off the circulation and this causes your foot to go to sleep.  You want your shoe to be snug around your heel and ankle, but comfortable on the top of your foot and your toe box.

What's happening is the repeated pressure of your SIDE to SIDE arch collapsing and inflaming the ball of your foot; very common with elliptical. My chiropractor fitted my feet with custom orthotics that raise the lateral arch of the balls of my feet- the boney ridge side to side, not front to back. If you continue to exercise without supporting this specific part of your foot you can make the problem worse, unfortunately. Good luck! Having it makes all the difference!

Go to a good shoe store like Good Feet.  Your shoes may be to small.  I used to have numb toes until I found my proper size.  My size was 1.5 sizes larger than what I thought.  Do this or you can damage your feet.  My feet no longer get numb.  Remember with shoes, you get what you pay for.

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GOOD NEWS, based on this symptom you almost definitely don't have a serious medical condition! You probly dont have a pinched nerve and you probly arent cutting off an artery or anything like that.

All thats happening is that your foot is the furthest thing from the heart on your body. Now our bodies have evolved/or was designed, lol, take your pick so that when the only NATURAL movement that causes the legs to need large quantities of blood in the upright position (RUNNING) occurs, the impact of your foot hitting the ground aids the blood in circulating in the foot and calf.

So when you use an elliptical and your foot never impacts, blood pools in the feet causing the sensation. Loose shoes and wiggling and adjusting may provide some relief but THE BEST treatment is every 10-15 minutes (or more often if necessary) just get off and jog in place next to the machine, making sure to get your knees high, for one minute then resume your workout.

Hope this helps


Maybe ur putting all your weight on it and the blood stops moving,so you get thatfeeling, it happens to me alot because of that.

Hope this helps you.Wink

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