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divide workout or do it all at once? need a little advice

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I was wondering if its a good idea to divide an eliptical workout in three sessions of 15 mins each, so that they sum up to 45 minutes/6 days a week....

thing is Im kind of new to working out...well not "new"..I used to be real fit until mid teens...but I stopped doing excercise and became really really damn weak, not to mention that I had an ED that made my body even weaker...Its been a year since Ive recovered, and now that Im in a stable weight, Id like to tighten some of those flabby areas without overdoing a workout, or doing vigorous amounts of excercise.

I thought that a low impact excercise was perfect for me, so hence me buying an eliptical I tried it for the first time, and I barely did 15 minutes and I became a bit light headed and quite I stopped...I know Im really out of shape, and I dotn want to pull a toll on a my it ok if i divide the workout in 3?

like 15 minutes in the morning

15 more at like say 1 pm or so

and then 15 at like 4 o 5 pm

what do you guys think?

later on, as I get "fitter" Ill prolly go to 45 minutes all at once, but for now, Im kind of scared of doing any damage to my body, since its been so long since ive excercised :S


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Start slow. If you try to push too hard at the beginning you may just derail yourself with injuries.

I started out with 15 mins of walking a day, did it for a week, then started to work up on days I felt good. For me the important thing was to get started and do SOMETHING daily, if I had aimed for 45 mins a day I would have burned out or been hurt. On the other hand, I 'm old and have a bad back.


am not a expert but here goes:

Read somehwere that it is actually better to space out your workouts as that keeps the metabolism revved up.

try it out for some time and check your stats at the end ....

as for me, I walk for 30 minutes every morning and then 15 minutes every evening...lost about 10 pounds in 2 months...

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The rule is always listen to your body.  I think 15 minutes is good and as you become stronger your endurance will increase and you can do the entire 45 minutes at a stretch.  Just be consistent and you cannot fail.  Don't ever quit.  Good luck and God bless.

thanks for all your replies :)

just a couple minutes ago i tried it once again cos I really didnt want to feel like I Failed at it lol so I eased up the resistance on the eliptical, and did 20 minutes :) and I didnt get half as tired as I was when I tried it out a couple of hours before that for the first time, barely doing 15 minutes at once...

Ill defenetly think about dividing the work outs...Ill prolly start with 30 minutes/6 days a week for about a week or so...and then up to another 15 more so I can do a good 45 minutes....

rudyrudy2008 thats great! Ill take that into consideration, even though Im not looking to loose, but maintain...

I got another question actually...

if I want to maintain, I do have to eat back what I burn right?

which in the end will be making me eat above my maintance cals but since Im burning above 100 cals, Im still on target, right?

correct me if Im wrong, please

Im a total noob to the excercise world hehe


thanks again

If you started off, and then got light headed-then maybe you need to start off really slow, and take it down to like 5mins at a time. I got the XP 600 during the first of the year, and I had already been using one almost like it at the gym for months, so me doing it for 15 to 30 mins wasn't a problem. You are going to have to build yourself up for this workout. It's a easy way for me to run with out having the impact on my joints and things. I can do it for an hour now, working different levels from 1-10, and I really get 2 things I need. Cardio and Resistance, and then a cool down.. This is a great machine to use. It's just about how you go about it. I have a question to ask you.. Do you have a pre-workout snack.. Like.. Before I go into a hour workout.. I have a protein shake.. That helps a lot, oh, and you need lots of water.. You have to make sure you drink that water. I also try to drink 8 oz. 15 mins before my workout, and then take water breaks during my workout.

I hope you get yourself on track.. Just don't start off so fast. Take your time and work yourself into the program, don't jump right into the program. It's like taking a Taebo class for the first time.. They tell you to do what this side is doing, because you are a beginner. You are a beginner so take your time.. Work you way up.. Don't run into it okay. Take your time.. We don't want you to injury yourself.

Take care,


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