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Ok i have a couple of questions about the book's diet:

  1. I want to lose weight while still eat enough so that i don't die at the gym. However, the suggested calories seem like too much (1,700 on the days i'm NOT lifting?!?!?! i'm 5'4 and 150lb) how many calories should i eat on days i lift and on days i don't in order to lose weight but have enough energy?
  2. How can i figure out how much protein i need and how to get it through the day? I know what counts as protein (eggs, meat, etc) but i don't know how to figure out the ratio thing (macros..?) and how to get enough of everything ..?

Thanks for any help!

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In the book, it recommends a calorie amount, but then says "if you really don't want to eat at maintenance, eat 300 less" - is 1700 the 300-less number?

If you are logging your food on cc, it will tell you the ratios you are getting - the pie chart on the food log. My rule of thumb is to get at least 20% from fat and protein, and the rest can be from fat, protein, or carbs. I don't remember specifically what the book recommends, but generally I think starting with what you are already doing, and then tweaking it as necessary is more realistic than trying to take on a completely new food plan.

I think this is a constant fear in everyone who does this program s-gt489-253

that is a thread on the NROL4W group forum discussion. 

We are so used to hearing the "500 rule" for losing weight and the idea of eating so much on lifting and none lifting days is scary - but the eating at maintenence or even a tad less on non lifting days you will still see results.  Just make sure the calories you are eating are "clean"

I know for me I rarely ate at a deficit but still lost inches.   Now that I am trying harder to eat at a small deficit I am seeing pounds lost as well.  I average about 100 - 300 cal deficit a day - but usually go over by that much and am still losing inches. 

The beginner weight gains scare a lot of people too - this is normal and expected.  Just try to eat as it says and give it until stage 2 at least before you freak too much.

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is this nrol4w a book or a website?



i keep hearing about it..

Original Post by itsmeeeeeliz:

is this nrol4w a book or a website?

It's a book, New Rules of Lifting for Women.


  1. I saw amazing results by eating what was recommended by NROLFW. At 5'2" and 120ish pounds, it was difficult for me to think that I could eat so much (over 1,800 on lifting days?!) and still lose weight. Since I wasn't really trying to lose weight, per se, I ate at what was recommended for maintenance: 1,900-2,100. You know what? I maintained!
  2. The book recommends 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. For you, that's 150g of protein, regardless if you're lifting or not. As it was previously suggested, you can keep track of your total daily protein by checking the Analysis page. Regarding the other macronutrients, NROLFW recommends you get 134g of carbs and 54g fat on non-lifting days and 179g carbs and 63g fat on lifting days. So your ratios would look like this:
    • Non-lifting days: 33% carbs, 30% fat, 36% protein
    • Lifting days: 38% carbs, 30% fat, 32% protein

That is for fat loss (300 calorie deficit per day).

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