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Diagnosed with Pleurisy

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ARGH!! I have been doing really well at sticking to a fitness routine along with the calorie counting and I have been successful in my weight loss (18 lb loss so far). But over the weekend I started to feel achy and had a chill, then Monday I started having pains in my left shoulder/chest area. My first thought was heartburn but after three days it was still there so.. today I went to the Doc and he says I have pleurisy. Has anyone else had this? I've been told that I should rest and not exercise till it gets better. But it just warmed up finally in this area and I am dying to get outside and play with my kids and walk and exercise and now I can't. It's like some kind of cruel joke. For those that have had this, were you told not to exert yourself or were light workouts still okay?? Obviously I don' t want to do something stupid that could cause it to get worse or develop complications, but after three days of sitting around, I feel the NEED to get off my butt and move, hehe

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2 years ago i was taken to hosp via ambulance, thinking i was having a heart attack. turns out it was  pleurisy. It can be very painful. but it does go away. from i was told and was able to figure out. the lining in the chest wall becomes inflamed. Pleursiy is the first sign of lupus, which i now have. so if you develop any weird looking rashes on your skin esp the face, joint pain, headaches, faitgued, or anything else that seems not normal for you. talk to your doctor. just do like he/she said and rest. once you feel better just take it slow and limit the workout routine in the chest area until doc says its ok.


Aww, sounds nasty.

  I think it depends slightly on the underlying cause of the inflammation, but seriously - do as your doctor tells you to. Exercise is an extra stress on your system that you don't need right now, your body is already fully engaged in healing. In fact, it might be beneficial to go into maintenance mode and stop running a calorie deficit while you're sick; people tend to heal faster when you give your body enough energy to work with.

 And healing faster would allow you to get back to working out faster, once your doctor clears you for exercise.

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you have this!!  I got it after bronchitis turned bad in 2005.  My symptoms got really awful on Thanksgiving day, where I couldn't eat anything (my pain was in the lower left lung, near the diaphram/stomach area).  Not knowing what it was but thinking it was an upset stomach, I drank Coke, and the gassiness of the drink only made the pain worse!  It was like every breath was painful; I couldn't sleep laying down (had to sit up), and uuuuuuuugggggghhhh, it sux!  Never Again (I hope)!

I'm the type of person who can't sit still.  I wish I had, with this!!  I didn't get over it for about 3 months, because I kept pushing myself.  I would be home and resting for a week, then I'd go back to work for 2 weeks, then be at home again, sick for another week.

Like the PP, I say take your doctor's advice.  Sit.  Rest.  Sleep.  Subscribe to Netflix and catch up on all the movies you've always wanted to see but never have.  If its warm out, inhale the outside air deeply (I actually went to Buenos Aires the day after Christmas when I had it, and the warm air really helped a lot!).  But don't push yourself until you're better.  Its not worth it!!

Good luck,


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