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Developed "runners knee"- anyone have tips on how to heal it?

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Hi, so i've developed a condition "runner's knee" where the knee is intensely painful due to overuse and its hard to walk/ go down stairs.  I had a little pain and i decided to run on the treadmill AND do squats and ended up injuring it further *i am so stupid!!* Currently  i'm just taking advil, wearing a knee brace while walking and trying to ice it.

Anyone else out there have a similar ailment- and i was wondering how you treated it and how long it took for it to get better. Can i even run anymore??

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I've started experiencing the exact same thing in the past month or so.  I got a new pair of running shoes last weekend and the general ache has started to wane.  Last night I did some leg work and squats that I haven't done in a while.  So far so good.

What happens from what I have read is that if you pronate, if you don't have stable shoes (mine were worn out) your knee can be over torqued and over stressed and this will lead to damage.  So make sure you shoes are correct for your running mechanics and feet and aren't worn out (mine had about 400 Miles on them).

I iced my knee and applied heat, which helped some too.  I also backed off a little on the distances I was running and did some extra, but gentle stretching.  I'm going out tonight for a run.  I guess we'll see how it goes. 

Best of luck.


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I'd like an answer to the "runner's knee" problem, too. I'm a 62-year-old dancer and skier and hiker. Can't do plies anymore, and even stepping off a curb can hurt. Is the price of carrying extra weight around? I'd hate to have a future of cortisone shots or knee replacements.

Hopefully, losing weight ease the pain.

Not only am I a therapist, but also have had a similar condition. What you're doing (besides the additional squats) is good. However, what the single best thing you can do while it heals is ice it 2-3x a day for about 15 minutes a time. Really, this is going to be the best thing for you. It eases pain and inflammation giving it more time to heal. So, don't just "try to ice" - make sure that if there's nothing else you do, ice it!

Additionally, I'd take it real easy on the downhills as it exacerbates knee trouble. I am of a mind though that taking off completely from running to heal moderate knee problem (aside from osteoarthritis) is not the answer. Many people experience some knee pain especially in the beginning of a running regimen or if they have just recently started doing downhill training.

You'll find that if you ice, and wear your brace, you'll be able to run a few miles every other day and be fine. When the condition clears up, you won't have lost as much physically by taking that time off, or just walking.

Hope that helps!  It always sucks when you can't run!

I also meant to say...and forgot that by running through the pain (although it sounds awful) is usually sort of hard, but  in the case of some mild-moderate pain often is your body's way of hardening itself off.  Just a thought.

Good running shoes always helps tho...something to consider.

I have runners knee and have for years now.  It comes and goes, but I have found that avoiding lunges and mixing up running with low impact cardio (spinning!) so that I am not running every day helps a lot.  Also, running in the cold/rain seems to make it worse so I avoid that. 

Also, strengthening the leg muscles that holds the knee cap and tendons in place will help give you natural support.  The knee brace is good too... i use a patella strap (its just a band that goes around the knee and keeps pressure there) and that helps me a lot.  Good luck, runners knee is the worst :(  

Thank you everyone for your inputs!

I have been running for years now and I dont even run that much- just 2-3 times a week on the treadmill for about 2-3 miles at a time. I'm 30 yrs old and not overweight. Guess i'll go buy new shoes, keep up the icing and rest for a few days. Hopefully this wont be a lifelong condition but something that will go away- i feel like such a spaz while going downstairs!!

My knees started hurting (and popping and grinding) so I googled "knee exercises" and found some good stuff.  I learned that stretching the quads and hamstrings helps, so I've been doing that a lot and they seem to feel better the more I stretch.  I didn't realize the quad muscle actually attaches below the knee and that if one of the 4 quad muscles is tighter than the other 3, it will pull your knee off balance. 

I used to have all of the symptoms that you guys are talking about.  Over 8 years I saw 4 doctors about my knee pain.  Then I went to a high recommended sports massage therapist.  Turns out it was my IT band and my failure to property stretch before and after workouts.  You might have IT band syndrome, too.  You can learn more about it at e/a/itbs.htm.

Since I've started doing the appropriate stretches and icing I've avoided knee pain for the last two years.  Having a sports massage therapist work on your IT band will help a heck of a lot, too, but don't expect it to be relaxing!  It hurts like hell, but the results are worth it!

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