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For the daily runners...

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Just curious how many miles/kilometers you all run on a daily basis, and the approx. time you take to do so. I have recently changed my working hours, and now need to run first thing in the morning (I JUST started running... man, I suck), and would like to know what kind of goals I should work towards within a one hour time frame.



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I usually do 5 miles and it usually takes me between 40-50 minutes.  :D

I used to be doing aroung 15km a day, taking me around 90 mins. Since starting uni however, I've been doing trail runs through bush track about four times a week. I'm not quite sure how far it is, but it takes me about an hour return.

I heartily recommend finding a plan and using that to build up your running.  When I started running, I bought the book, Running:  A Year Round Plan by Jeff Galloway.  It guided me through my training for 5Ks, 10Ks, and eventually my first half marathon.  It has lots of good information about running as well.

This is certainly one, but not the only option...

BTW:  That particular book, on the beginner plan, had me running 3 times a week.  Two days for thirty minutes, then a progressively longer run on the weekend.

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll try and look for it at the library this week!

I just started jogging again this year and I run 3.2 miles 3-4 times a week and it takes me an hour. I keep my pace slow and steady but ramp it up by sprinting as fast as I can for 30 seconds to a minute when I feel like my heart rate is dropping too low.

I wouldn't call myself a runner but I do love to jog/run. I hope to build up my speed and also run 4-5X a week.

(My specific reasons for jogging slowly are that I like to keep my heart rate up above a certain level for the full hour AND when I try to run faster, my knees tend to hurt and I get shin splints.)

Take it slow and steady and push yourself when you can.


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I have found myself in the situation where if I don't run, I feel icky emotionally and physically. So somehow, I have become a runner Smile

I run about 6.8 miles a day in 60 minutes. I incorporate short sprints every 5 minutes into my run so I can get the heart pumping.  I run on the treadmill 5 days during the week and I will run outside on the weekends. I normally take one day off too during the week.

I run everyday for at least three miles.  It usually takes me 38-40 minutes.

I JUST started running, myself. I suck, too. ;)

Totally recommend getting a plan for yourself. I'm doing the couch-to-5-k program... I love it, and I'm working in extra days when I'm not sore. There's a link, here for more info: html

And you can find pod-casts all over the web (or make your own) to help with the timing, etc. I'm really clumsy so trying to run with a stopwatch results in me taking a nosedive into the concrete, generally speaking. 

Edit: Fixed Spelling and expanded on original post. 

I remember when I first started I was only doing a mile a each run.  I thought I was pretty hardcore too.  Ahhh, memories.  You'll be surprised at what you will be able to run eventually, especially if you stick with it through the years.

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