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Curves - hey is this a good workout???

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I am doing my own thing so far with some free weights at home and biking ALOT!  I was worried about winter coming.  Has anyone done the curves workout and is it worth the effort?

How does each machine know what tension to set to?  Does it reset for each person?

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my experience with curves is that its great for women who have a lower fitness level.

for me it wasnt enough of a work out.... but for my aunt who is older and less active it's a great workout....

maybe you can get a trial membership and see how it works for you....

Everything I have heard is basically that you will plateau quickly if you are dedicated to it. The routines never change and your body adapts.

Oh - thanks.... I'm probably very active for my age (47).  Biked 20 miles last Saturday and 10 on Sunday.  Lots of biking - only 5 lbs to lose & pretty toned for my age.  Doesn't sound like it would keep my interest all winter!  I may try it as they are offering 2 weeks free. 



I do an at home version that I have adapted to my fitness level and it works pretty good.  The basic idea is to alternate a cardio work out (jump rope, run, stair climb, etc.) with weight or resistance training (lifting, pushing, pulling).  If you are in really good shape you could use heavy weights and high intensity cardio (running).  I think at the Curves center then do 40 sec increments and I do 90 sec.  But the idea is the same, keep your heart rate up with minimal to no rest for at least 30 minutes.   

Totally agree with yellagirljay and itsbutters.  Don't have any kind of fitness level and you will see improvement and also you will plateau quickly.  The routines don't every change and also the machines will only provide so much resistance.  You can't up the weight or change them in ANY WAY.

Wouldn't recommend unless you have been sedentary all your life.

I've been working with a personal trainer for the past 7 months and although it's very pricey, I would definitely recommend it...or go on the net and find interval/circuit/weight training.  I suspect that you could find enough routines to keep you quite active and involved.  Like itsbutters says, your body adapts quickly; the trick is keeping it guessing!

Good luck with whatever you try.

I saw a representative of Curves talking about it on Tyra (I know, shut up)

Some phrases used included:

  • it's so easy you won't break a sweat!
  • You don't get sore the next day like traditional work outs

What does that tell you about Curves when their own spokesperson is basically saying sitting on the couch is a better work out?

If you can't join a gym, you may consider getting some free weights for home use.  THere are good routines everywhere.  and also good videos.  Strength training is a perfect thing to combine with your cardio

I've never done Curves, but I had a roomate who worked for them for years. I'd have to agree with everyone else that it's good for someone who is very inactive otherwise or heavier than just somewhat overweight.

My roommate was fairly overweight and never really seemed to loose much. She'd loose a little and then plateau and would kind of relapse on her eating and then gain it back even though she was still exercising with Curves. It's just not enough of a workout for most people, and it doesn't evolve as you improve so you have nowhere to go.

20 miles..... go girl!!! yah curves isnt gonna be intense enough for you at all!!! save your money and take a leisure stole in the park for what you might get outta a curves session....


but i would take advantage of the free trial membership.... that will shake up your routine a little even if it is not as intense as you might like!!

Thanks everyone.  Very good info.  I did do a little circuit training at home with my own weights.  That is what gave me the idea.  But now, I think I am not going to bother.  I would get bored way too easy and there is no goal!

I am really going to try weight training at home.  I'll try doing some very heavy weights with very few reps and see how that works out for me.  A personal trainer would be good, but I really don't want to spend the $$.  Also, I think alot of them recommend high reps, small weights. 


meh - any workout that you will actually do is a good workout.  i'm in favour of trying.

Original Post by spirochete:

  • it's so easy you won't break a sweat!
  • You don't get sore the next day like traditional work outs


going to lower the tone here again, but you could actually get more exercise having sex if the above is the case.

I started losing weight when I joined Curves.  I lost about 55-60 pounds before I hit that Curves Plateau and had to upgrade to the big kid gym to start losing again, but it certainly was effective in the beginning (and middle). 

Curves target clientele are middle-aged, sedentary women who aren't going to stick to a real gym.   I wasn't middle-aged, but I was morbidly obese and felt horribly self-conscious at a regular gym.

While I consider myself intelligent, most everything I thought I knew about nutrition and my body was incorrect, so having a predetermined workout as I "relearned" was very beneficial. 

I recommend Curves to any overweight woman that needs help getting started.  If you commit, you will outgrow Curves, but it was definitely worth it for me. 

From what I understand, Lady Fitness and/or some other female gyms offer both the circuit training of Curves and a regular gym section - so you could consider that.

I'm 16 years old, 5'3 127 lbs and I've been working out at Curves for 2 1/2 months. So far I've lost 10 lbs which really surprised me because I was also extremely skeptical in the beginning as to whether or not it would work. I've always been into free weights and more advanced circuit training, but I started hating the place where I was working out and there were no other gyms in my area so I joined curves. I've never really been overweight, but my goal is to have a good body, not to simply lose weight. I lost the 10 lbs just as fast as I would in the regular gym and also have muscle tone, which leads me to believe that diet is the most important thing. As long as you stay active (I burn just under 300 calories per workout) and maintain a calorie deficit, you will get the results you want.

I used Curves for several years before I moved away from my old neighborhood. I liked it very much because I lived close enough to add a brisk roundtrip walk of 3 miles to my workout 3 x per week. It's definitely geared to getting inactive people up and moving, which is a great thing. But for an already active person, I agree with so many of you who've chimed in so far. I now live near a YMCA. The membership costs about the same and there's something for everyone. I take my 86 year old mom with me. She does the Arthritis Foundation pool classes while I do the treadmill and weight machines. I love my Y!

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Some Curves have just upgraded their equipment and have added computers to each machine to let you know if you are working hard enough, counts you reps, and monitors you heart rate and has different fitness level programs. At the end of your work out you can view a report that lets you know how you did and tells you how many calories that you burned. As your fitness level improves the computer auto adjust so that you have to work harder to keep the lights green. I have seen some people burn as much as 1000 calories in 30 mins but most people burn around 500. If you have been to Curves before you need to go back and check this out. It is great.

As a former Curves client, I find it REALLY hard to believe that someone could burn 1000 calories in 30 mins.

I burn around 600 in an intensive hour long Boot Camp class which is way more intense than anything I did at Curves... I used to go "all out" there too. One of the girls even told me I didn't HAVE to run on the recovery squares! 

To the original poster: I would recommend Curves to anyone who isn't not comfortable in a traditional gym or who is going from sedentary to active. I lost weight because i used to eat crap & never move. It gave me a good start.
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