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Curves and Calories

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I just started Curves last week, and found this web site today. I'm trying to fill out the food and activaty log. Does anyone have an idea on how many calories you burn at Curves. I do know that at Curves my goal is losing fat, so my heart rate has to be a certain %.  Any help would be greatful.
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I don't know how many calories doing Curves would burn.  Have you ever thought of getting a heart rate monitor?  I know it may sound a little extreme; but, I have one and it's great to find-out how many calories are burned (it's based on your personal factors like weight, age, etc) and what your heart-rate is at.  I found it to be a good training partner and you don't have to get one that's extreme like a $600 one.  If I got one that expensive, I'd expect it to make me dinner and do my dishes as well!!!!
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i put it in as "circuit training" which is over 600 cals per hour, so that's about 300 for their half hour workout.  but i think the heart rate monitor is a good idea.  a friend of mine got one for about $60. 

if you google "calories burned at curves" you'll find a study that has a much lower estimate, less than half of that, but they only did a small study with about a dozen women, so that's a little questionable.  it's probably somewhere in between.....

also, it depends on how hard you work out, since you are in control of that.  so that's why the monitor is the best idea, if you really want to know.

i can tell you that i'm in my third year at curves, but i did not see any significant weight loss until i started keeping my heartrate up even on the platforms, and more importantly, found THIS website.  now the pounds are really coming off.....

so i consider you very LUCKY to have started both at the same time!! let us hear how it goes for you!
Thanks so much for the info. The heart rate monitor sounds like a good idea. I have a hard time counting the beats when I'm huffing and puffing and the music playing in the back ground. I'll let you know my progress. Thanks again!!!
I got my heart rate monitor for $129 (Canadian) on sale.  It's got a little more than just the basic monitor (counts calories and a couple other perks); but, they are much lower in price than that.  If you find yourself joining a gym or doing stuff on treadmills, elipticals, etc.  I would recommend getting a Polar Heart Rate Monitor as they are compatible with most exercise equipment out there.  That way, your heart rate is displayed on the screen and  you don't have to consult the watch and actually fall off the treadmill while looking at it (don't laugh!  I almost did :)!!!  There's a website you can go to and order online; but, most sport or running stores will carry them.  Actually, I got mine at Sears!
I love my heartrate monitor -- I got it off ebay for less than $40 -- it only gives me my heartrate it doesn't have any additional features but it is perfect for what I need it for.  I go to a traditional gym and the monitors send signals to the machines so you don't have to hold onto the handle sensors. 

I used to go to curves but I found I spent too much time talking and wasn't pushing myself hard enough to make a difference. Although I did gain two inches on my chest :)
When I was going to curves I remember the lady telling me how many calories you can burn by going around once. I think it was in the 300 region, so I'm assuming that is something the trainers know, so just ask!
I just started Curves yesterday- and it is 600 calories that you burn.  The paperwork I received had it listed- so you are correct!
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I bought a timex watch/heartmonitor, works great! and it was only $60-70 bucks Canadian.  I use it almost every day.  It gives you Average/peak Heart rate, Total Calories burn, Timer! 
Hi there,

I have a Polar F6.  As mentioned above, it depends upon height/weight/age/and physical condition that you are in and how hard you are working those machines.

I burn anywhere from 250 to 280 calories at Curves.  I'm 37; 166 lbs; 5'3; BF 35.10%.  HRM's are awesome workout motivators.  =) n.asp

Hi---go to this site and put in your weight and then look for curves circuit training.  At 227 lb it says I burn 433 for 30 minutes.  I imagine the skinnier you are the less you burn.  any way I just joined too and am hoping beyound hope that this site and curves will get me where I need to be in the next year.  I'll try and add your  name to my friends list and we can keep up with each other.  How much are you trying to lose. 

Hope this helps---Jennifer

curves burns 160-200 calories in 30 minutes based on a 150 pound individual.  They did a study at Swedish Medical Center

Hey everyone, I've been a Curves member for a little more than a month.  At first I had no idea how many calories I was burning but was told it would be up to 500 per 30 minute workout.  Curves now has Smarcards which has your personal body info on it and you scan it on every machine as you work out and it keeps track of the calories you burn.  Yesterday I burned 498 calories in 1/2 an hour.  One of my friends burned 548 in a half an hour.  Curves says the more fit you are the more calories you can potentially burn.  I belive this, even though the girl who burned more than I is not even close to being in as good of shape as I am, she pushes herself VERY VERY hard because she wants to lose weight desperately.  If you have a curves near you that offers the SMART training, I would highly recommend it!

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My SIL goes there, and she has lost a lot of weight.  I can't argue with success, but I don't see how it's possible that she could be burning the number of calories they tell her.  500 calories in a half hour workout?  I don't think so.

Original Post by ssiegmund:

My SIL goes there, and she has lost a lot of weight.  I can't argue with success, but I don't see how it's possible that she could be burning the number of calories they tell her.  500 calories in a half hour workout?  I don't think so.

 I agree.  That number is greatly inflated I'm afraid.

I do the CurveSmart at Curves now and yes, it is possible to burn 500 calories in a 30 minute workout. Currently my highest is at 332, but I weigh 273lbs and just started a month ago. I have a friend who had been going a while and she just reached her 500 calorie mark. You don't start at 500, you have to build up your strength/etc. to where you CAN burn 500 calories per session.

Caloric expenditure is based on aerobic intensity x body weight. The harder you work and the more you weigh, the more calories you will expend--the reverse is true as well.

A lot of what you get out of a program like Curves will depend on what you are willing to put into it. Just going through the circuit will not guarantee a "minimum" number of calories.

For many people, a HRM will overestimate the caloric burn from a circuit training program. That is because for some of the strength exercises, especially arm and shoulder exercises, heart rate increases out of proportion to oxygen uptake. For example, during cardiovascular exercise, an exercising heart rate of 70% of Your max HR would reflect an oxygen uptake of about 57% of your max. During circuit training, that same 70% of HRmax might only elicit an oxygen uptake of 39% of max, or 30% less.

The one major study that I saw on the Curves website determine that the average caloric expenditure with a Curves workout was about 275 Calories, IIRC. That sounds about right. I am familiar with the Curves circuit, but I have never been to a facility, so I don't know how much freedom you have in going through the routine--e.g. if there are other people there, I don't know if you can move more quickly from station to station or do other things to increase the intensity of the workout.

Unless you weigh more than 200 pounds, I would use that 300 Cal/30 min number as an upper limit.

Very true. My heart rate normally, by their chart stays in the 70% range for my age. The one I go to, I do not do the rest stations inbetween. They don't seem to be bothered either because other members do the same thing. I just jump from one machine to the next.

And I do know, that the closer I get to my goal weight the harder and slower it is going to be to get the weight/inches off. I love the fact that they focus a lot on inches because that's what most I'm losing.

Some people don't find Curves helpful, but I've gone down one pant size in a month, and it's made me feel so much better about myself. To each their own I guess! There is a lady, who is 75 that started out a size 22/24 in January 2009 and has gotten to a 11/12 now. If a lady that much older can do it, I can and it obviously works for some people!

But if it weren't for the CurveSmart, I don't think - I KNOW I wouldn't push myself hard enough. I've very motivated.

I'm not sure about the circuit but if they have a 'Vibroplate' at your curves - get on that baby!  I'm 5'5' and 128 pds - for 10 mins on the vibroplate I burn 400 cals - well worth the extra 10 mins! 

Original Post by ldiamonds:

I'm not sure about the circuit but if they have a 'Vibroplate' at your curves - get on that baby!  I'm 5'5' and 128 pds - for 10 mins on the vibroplate I burn 400 cals - well worth the extra 10 mins! 

Theoretically, according to you, if you stayed on it for just under 90 minutes you would burn enough calories for a whole pound of fat.... Right.

You should advertise somewhere else.

Those of you who are members of Curves, how much does it cost?

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