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Cure for sore muscles?

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Can anyone suggest a magic cure for really sore muscles?  I ran a half-marathon yesterday that was very hilly and I pushed it pretty hard the whole way.  I stretched and put on some menthol stuff before going to bed. 

Now, I am suffering A LOT!  ARGH!  I can't get up from a chair, do stairs or even walk like a normal human should.  Ooooh the pain *groaning annoyingly*...

Any tips, pointers or pills I should buy? 

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Epsom salt hot bath soak

Absorbine JR is a favorite muscle ointment I use

Aleve for pain and try stretching a bit today and walking to loosen the muscles again.

drink lots of water

rub some tiger balm on it

do a bit of stretching.. but generally, take it easy/rest

Warm bath with epsom salts; possibly some Advil if you are really uncomfortable and a little bit of the "hair of the dog" that bit you.  Try a gentle walk, which although it will hurt like the devil at first, should begin to loosen the muscles and ease the soreness as you go.  Stretching if you can, and I also find massage helps -- some people find it doesn't, so this is going to be a depends suggestion.

Hope you feel better soon -- congrats on the half-marathon!


sports med called "sport legs"

here's a should be able to get it at any major sporting shop.  I normally use it for my long bike I know that many cycling shops carry it.  It is a cyclists wonder drug. sp?id=60

Also, you should use a foam roller.  Link below.  you roll your sore muscles over it while putting your full weight on loosens up the muscles.  It feels good...but it is also painful to do.  It will show you where your sore muscles really are!...but the relief is amazing.  You normally can find these in the stretching area of any major gym. l

good luck!  happy recovery!  congrads!

Nothing will actually cure sore muscles aside from time and sleep. Which means you'll feel better tomorrow ... or even after a nap.

But some things you can do to make it feel better temporarily: First, get out of your chair. If you stay still, it will hurt more when you get up. But if you go for a walk, you'll feel better during and maybe a little after the walk.

Ibuprofen (or tylenol, aspirin, aleve - pick your favorite) will dull the pain and keep inflammation down.

Stretching and massage won't cure you, but they can feel pretty good, so go ahead.

And to prevent sore muscles next time: lots of protein & vitamins will help your body repair itself efficiently.

It is normal to be sore after a race, as I'm sure you know. Congrats on running the half!!

Thanks for the advice, and thanks for the congrats. 

The bath helped temporarily; stretching was painful but seems to have had a positive effect and Advil was as useful as a placebo.  Ugh.

I took a 4:1 (carb/protein) recovery drink right after the race and upped my protein the rest of the day.  I have had more water than should be physically possible without growing gills and my muscles are retaining (!) most of it. 

Ahh, the joys of being violent with ourselves...I am, however, very curious about those two products, sha74, and will consider them for next season.

Today is light years better than yesterday and I will do my best to get out on the bike for some light spinning tomorrow.  I know that active recovery is much more effective than passive, but the pain was just too much yesterday (*whine*)...

Thanks again.

potassium helps me a lot. eat a banana.

glutamine works wonders, although you must take it before and after you work out. my trainer suggested it and i went from being barely able to walk to feeling slightly sore, and this was still in the first week of exercise so i wasn't just getting used to it. you can get it at GNC. glutamine, NOT glucosamine.....

There is no magic cure.  There is only time.  You can help to reduce the time needed to recovery with:

  • massage after a hard effort
  • ice following massage
  • as many days of easy activity (e.g., low-effort cycling at a high cadence) as it takes for the soreness to go away.

If you follow this recipe, you'll be stronger when you recover than you would be if you try some kind of snake oil, then go back to exercising hard before your body has finished rebuilding itself.


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