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do crunches really work???

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i ve read that you can get results from doing crunches....also i have read that they are not good in giving results...anyone out there get any results???
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You won't get any results solely doing a bunch of cruches but integrated into a regular workout it can surely help tone your abs!
crunches do to your abs what pushups will do for your chest, or squats will do for your legs. It just works the muscle, but it doesn't make you lose fat in the tummy area, nor does it really burn a whole lot of calories. That said, core strength is really important since pretty much everything you do involves it in some way, even just standing.
i agree, i think a good diet and cardio go into abs. also there are some weight lifting exercises that help your abs, like squats. but i think crunches do help. they help me.
It definitely helps. I have seen results from doing crunches over the past few weeks
Ive incorporated a 10 min workout into my routine i do this 3 to 4 times a week jumpingjacks, pushups,crunches,lunges. I have noticed a huge difference when doing this for the past few months along with my treadmill which I dont even do that often only 1 or 2 a week for 30 mins...........So to me it does seem to help tone up areas and get rid of some fatty parts that are hanging like my arms before i started they were really flabby now they are starting to tone from all the pushups.
Crunches worked wonders for me, I got a nice six pack set, but I did the short crunches (50 at a time) lifting the upper body to a 60 degree angle while holding a 10 kg weight to the chest. I guess you have to lift more than your upper body weight to develop the muscles enough for them to show.
You have to lose the fat to get them to show, with the amount of ab work that people seem obsesed with, and considering the abs are a pretty important muscle group, I promise you that a lot (probably most) people have pretty good ab muscles, but don't have the six pack. I have strong abs, I work them out like I do anything else, but it will be a cold day in hell before I have a six pack (besides, who want's a six pack when you can have a whole keg? ;) )
If they dont do anything why is it in a gym setting the trainers always want you to do crunches? Why bother if most of you are saying its worthless. To me they do something or otherwise tons of ppl wouldnt be doing them and seeing some results.
Trainers are lazy. They don't want to fight with you, they just want to give you exercises and go about their merry way. If they don't have you doing crunches, they are going to hear about it because everyone thinks that 20 minutes of crunches are the cornerstone to every work out. How are your abs different from any other muscle? Would you do 20 minutes on the leg press with no weights? Would you do 20 minutes of chest presses with a 2lb bar? No. 2-3 sets of weight ab work is fine, like any other muscle.

Sorry to the good trainers out there, but honestly you are few and far between.
Spiro I dont do 20 mins of crunches I only do about 40 altogether................certainly not a lot of time spent on them. I have noticed a difference in my tum tum since adding them into my workout im not saying thats all that I do I just find it unfair tht it is hard for you to believe that you can get benefits out of doing them especially since I have seen them in myself.
I do crunches as well, just not 200 hundred of them. Weighted sets along with my other free weight work really hits them hard
Well at least you clarified that you do actually do them along with your free weights...........I dont think any of us was saying that is all we did for a workout routine.........that certainly wouldnt be the route to go. I think its important to work all the mucles on your body I try something new to put into my workout every week.

What type of workout routine do you suggest spiro? I mean total body workout?
Sorry if this is stupid, I'm new to the whole " weighted crunches" idea.  How does this work? Do you just hold weight on your chest or what?
Right now I do a modified version of Starting Strength three days a week. It's mainly dead lifts, squats, military presses, chest presses, dips and pull ups. PM me if you want more info on it. It kicks my butt.

jettaranger, that's it exactly!
Thanks spirochete!
No!! Crunches are a complete WASTE of time! Not only to fitness experts agree, but take it from me! I tried doing crunches every day, and I didn't see results at all! I have been doing Windsor Pilates for my abs for about five months, and I actually have visible definition! Pilates is the way to go!
missris, crunches increase the strength in your abs just like any other exercise does with any other muscle group. pilates is getting you more visible definition because its cardio as well as ab muscle work-the cardio is making you lose the stomach fat, which is what give you definition. so no, crunches are not useless--yuo just don't really see visible results until the fat starts going away.
No, pilates is not a cardio workout. Pilates is slow and consistent movements, hardly qualifies as cardio. And it is widely agreed among fitness experts than crunches are the LEAST effective abdominal workout you can do. Yes, maybe after a long period of time crunches will develop your abs, but if you are looking for fast results, crunches are not the way to go.
I have found no fast results in anything I do its just over time you notice and if you keep at it you will get what you want. There is no quick cure for getting rid of the fat quickly.......over time with modified diet exercise and sticking to it do i ever see any results.
Sorry it sounds like a very simple question. when you do crunches, how far do you have to lift ur shoulders off the floor? I did it yesterday and it was extremely difficult to lift my upper body more than 2 inches.
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