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crunches... how many makes a difference?

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im starting to build up my muscles and my stomach is the main target.

How many crunches should i do per day to really get results and are there any special techniques that really target the hard to reach upper abdominal region
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i think it depends on the person. but cardio is best thing for abs. i do 200-300 crunches 5-6x per week. i am told i over do it but i have fly abs!
Crunches are no good if your body fat is not low enough. If you are at that point, then weighted crunches on a decline bench are great overall ab toners. Also, planks are great for strengthening.

Good luck.
the captains chair at the gym is really good. but it is true, if you have fat on your belly you have to do cardio. if not fat then can tone from there on abs.
I agree with captain's chair. It is great for strengthening lower abs and obliques if done with proper form.

Running, belly dancing, salsa is the best for burning fat and toning the abs.

PS. Em, you are such a beautiful girl. Do you model? You could!
great advice thanks!

Shill, which pic were you looking at ... if its the one attatched to my name then its not me but my idol ciara!
Your pic in the picture gallery!
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It's not the quantity, it's the quality.  Really feel the exercises you do, challenge yourself, raise the shoulders off the floor a little higher, hold at the top for longer, etc.  You can do a million crunches and if you're just going through the motions, it's not doing you any good.  If you want to see fab abs, you have to minimize the layer of fat that covers them (we ALL have it) by reducing calorie intake and doing cardio.  The most "visual" bang for your buck is working obliques.  Shaping these gives the illusion of a smaller waistline, but again, you have to work on the layer of "insulation" first.
I think doing 10 minutes of ab work is what they recommend.  Its not how many you can do but do them concentrating on the muscles you are trying to work.  Also be sure to not just do "crunches" but add some planks and be sure to work the sides as well. 

shill, thanks alot that is a real compliment!

As for my ab work im now doing 5-10 minutes a day and working on them using all sorts of techniques i found on the internet... so far i'm feeling it and the burn is urging me on more!
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