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Crazy Fit Massage

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Hi all...I'm new to the CC-group and would like to know if using a Crazy Fit Massage also count for burning calories and if so, where to find the list.



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If you mean this:

It looks like a gimmick to me.  I'd hypothesize that walking would be just as effective (if not more).  Just use walking (2.0 mph).

Whoah, seriously? Strap a little cloth around that and you've got a relic from 1954 right there.

Generally speaking, you can't 'massage' fat from your body, that stuff likes to stick around (evolutionary thing, not personal) and the best way to get rid of it is a. exercise and moving your muscles around to burn energy or b. Liposuction. Seeing as this is a fitness forum, I'm going to assume we can discuss option A.

Soooo, I second the motion of ds1973 here and say walking would suit you fine there. If you WANT to do the crazy fit massager though, I can't stop you.

Happy hunting, mi amigo ;)

If you do decide to do this massage please enlighten us as to your progress.  It's always nice to have someone else do the research and save the rest of us money, OR, if it truly works, to share the info. 

As it reminds me somewhat of those electrical shock bands that people used to use to lose weight - the ones that would make your muscles contract painfully - I think I would avoid it, but as I said, if it works, let us know!

Original Post by fenrik_reinsdyr:

Whoah, seriously? Strap a little cloth around that and you've got a relic from 1954 right there.

Seriously, everything old is new again.  I didn't work then and it won't work now.

from looking at the images on the website, I could see it adding more of a challenge when doing squats or lunges or whatever but besides that I think the only out come would be a nice relxed back free of knots. lol.

We have one, and people still use those vibrating-belt machines at my gym (in Japan, countrysideish area). I really hope that they aren't doing it for the sake of fat loss, and rather to ease tension in their muscles or something, but I fear the former is the most likely case. Kind of sad really.

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I have to disagree 100%. I used this daily to lose weight and it increases the intensity of the workout you do on it. You don't just stand on it like the old belt massagers! A great buy if you want to speed up toning and losing weight, you have to try it before dismissing it as a gimmick! You certainly know you have done some work on this the next day but the aches go the more you do. Great also for relieving tension in back and shoulders and the knot I get from sitting at the desk too long.

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