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Couch to 5K podcast, all 9 weeks

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I apologize if it's been mentioned a dozen or more times.  I haven't perfected my searching skills on the forums to avoid dupes.  My holdout on starting the couch to 5k has my lack of desire to operate a stopwatch and run at the same time.  I foresaw face plants rather than a successful run.  So, I was geeked to find this.

There are mp3 podcasts as well that work with most standard mp3 players, for all of us that never jumped on the Apple wagon. html

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There was a thread about the Couch to 5k plan, in which this was mentioned. That's I I've seen around.

anyway, the podcasts are great!
I'm starting the plan today!
I'm adding the mp3s to my ipod right now actually!
I checked it out.  I'm not a big dance music fan.  I make my own.

I made a webpage to explain how I do it.  It is pretty easy once you get the hang of the Audacity program.
I also really don't care for dance, but I figured I could live with it until I can run to the music I prefer.  So, thanks for the info about Audacity.  One day I'll have an afternoon to play with the program. 

I love the podcasts.. while I don't love the music. The beat is actually a bit slower than I'd prefer. It is usually just about a tenth of a second too slow for my prefered pace. But, I'm usually them anyway cause then I can't cheat at the time like I would if it were up to me. (like walking to the top of the next hill before starting the next running interval) with the podcasts I can lock my mp3 player so I gotta do exactly what he says. hehe
This is amazing!  Thank you so much - I'm just starting running, and I also didn't really want to carry a stopwatch, this is perfect.  :)

I created a Couch to 5K podcast, because I too loved the program, but didn't like music on the podcasts out there.  Check out my free Podcast/MP3 at It's been downloaded thousands of times, and some have even made it to my Wall of Fame!

Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Running!


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