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Couch to 5K Alternative (lost forum post)

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Back in 2007, I successfully used a couch to 5K program on the original calorie count forums, and I was hoping someone still had it, or a link.

Note, this is NOT the popular one posted on

What I liked about the one many of us used here was that you did a 5K from Day 1 (and during every part of the program). Instead, each week tweaked the walking vs. running intervals until after 8 weeks (if I recall) you were running the whole thing.

Any help is appreciated. I downloaded the popular iPhone app and LOVE how the voice prompts and encouragement integrate with my music. I just wish that I could get that old plan somehow integrated into the system (or have its author quickly code up the alternative), vs using the coolrunning plan.


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I am currently doing the one that you're NOT talking about and am tweaking it myself.  I started out at 3 miles on day one and moved to 4 miles on day 2, upping the time that I ran vs. walked.  I'd be very interested in seeing a variation of the version.


Is this it: ice.htm



I know it's been a long time, but do you remember who originally posted it?  And are you sure it was from 2007?  I'll try to do a forum search, and see if I can find it. 

Was it the Learn to Run thread?

Amethystgirl, you just beat me to it!  I just found it and was about to post.  :) 

i listen to the podcast on itunes narrated by robert ullrey. it's really great.

Original Post by amethystgirl:

Was it the Learn to Run thread?

 That's it!!! Thanks so much!

I know this isn't quite the same thing but I use the Robert Ullrey podcasts, and then at the end, I walk until I reach 5k.  So each time, I'm walking less at the end.  Does that make sense?  Its kind of the same idea, but I can use still use the podcasts. I'm always going the same distance, and the only thing that changes in the amount of time spent running.  It also helps me to get a good idea of the 5k distance and how far away I am from running the whole thing.

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