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converting outside bike to stationary exerciser

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Does anyone know of an inexpensive gadget to turn my outside bicycle into an indoor exercise bike?  I realize that isn't the optimal exercise bike but I can't afford a new stationary bike at this time.
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There are several different typs of indoor trainers that are made to do just that; however, inexpensive is a relative term.  Look for indoor trainers at cycling sites like bikenashbar or performance.  A lot of cyclist perfer to ride their regular bike on a trainer over riding an exercise bike.
Ditto what trhawley said. performance and nashbar are often way cheaper and have a better selection than your local shop, although perhaps not so much on bigger items like trainers or rollers. You can also check craigslist to see what is being offered used nearby, either as a used stationary cycle or a trainer set-up.
Thanks a lot trhawley and ainedb for the info.  I'm checking on them now!
definitely check your local craigslist and bulletin boards at your local bike shops if you have any. new trainers are not very cheap, but yes, usually nashbar & performance have the best prices. local shops may have good sales. remember they're heavy so be sure to calculate the shipping fee into the cost of anything you consider buying through mail order.

a good trainer workout is one heck of a great workout, so don't think it's not great exercise. it actually can be a much more intense workout than riding on the road because you never get to coast or stop or go downhill!
I have always wanted to try one of those.  One of the regulars in my spin class says that he get more winded on the trainers then he does in class!!!  I should probably start by getting a bike though  lol
Yes, you'll get more winded--you don't get to coast on a trainer.
Plus, you can adjust the settings on most trainers to create more or less friction to simulate different levels of workouts.  I love mine for when I just want to sit around and watch movies...I just put my bike up in front of my TV and ride.  I think I've ridden my bike more often on my trainer than outdoors.  :)
If you get a fluid trainer (like the Kurt Kinetic), you don't have to make any adjustments: the faster the wheel spins, the greater the resistance.

Yeah, pedaling while watching movies works. Were it not for movies, long winter rides indoors would drive me nuts.
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