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Constantly sore, everytime I work out! is something wrong?

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So, I have been going to the gym for a while now, only really serious about it the last few months. I find that everytime I go to the gym I am sore the next day. It doesnt matter what I do I am always sore. I know that this is a good thing, but will this ever end? I don't know if I am doing something wrong because I am sore almost all the time because I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Please help!

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Go to the gym more.

Okay, that was a bad answer but typically the better shape you get into the less sore you will be.  If you allow too much recovery time between workouts you will be sore again then next time.  Allow 48 hours recovery between weight lifting, and yes go ahead and lift if you are still sore.  Aerobic activities can be done daily even if you are sore.

I am working on doing that this week actually, so what when I start going 5-6 times a week I won't be sore?

It will get better. I remember being really sore, too.  Look into taking Bromelain, a natural enzyme  found in pineapple.  Or, just buy a pineapple once a week!

Here's some info... 000289.htm

4 advil helps, too, but unfortunately it's not sustainable. Feel better.



It could have something to do with your potassium intake also. I know if I have not had enough potassium I get sore easier and cramp up while working out. Might want to make sure you are getting enough.

No nothing wrong. Sounds like you are doing everything right! Just keep it up and eventually your body will get use to it. I agree with emilysmi that you should try to include more potassium in your diet and definately looooootttts of water. Make sure you are giving yourself plenty of time to stretch your muscles. When I go to the gym, I usually do about 20 minutes just stretching, then about 10 minutes warming up before i really get into it. Then at the end I do a ten minute cooldown and about 15 minutes of stretching. Everytime I start waking up without being sore, I know it's time to push myself a little more.

I wish I had time to do 30mins of stretching lol, But I will try to focus on stretching more, I have a feeling that it might be because I have been doing lots of different things, so my body is getting more of an intense workout. Thanks to everyone for the advice, we will see how this week does me hehe.

lostalykat - what are you doing at the gym?

When you say you're sore, does that mean sore muscles or sore joints? Sore muscles probably aren't a problem, sore joints might be...


You should definitely concentrate on:

  • Stretching for at least 15 mins before working out (at least during the first 3 weeks, after that a 5-8 minute stretch should suffice)
  • Upping your H2O intake
  • Being consistent in your workouts, try not to miss a day

Once your body gets used to it, you should be fine.  Give it a minimum of weeks, k?

Oh, and try not to overdo it in the intial phase!  Get your body used to short bursts of exercise before laying it on thick Wink

lostalykat - what are you doing at the gym?

In reply to this, I am usually stretching for a few minutes before stepping on a machine and doing 30-45 mins of elliptical interval training. More recently I did a pilates class, and a hip hop class, and I did HIT on the bike last week as well. I try to stretch as much as I can but when I get to the gym and there is a line for machines, I get frustrated and just want to get on a machine. I think the classes are working better for me because they incorporate stretching, but I still get sore.

I would say focus more on having a warmup than stretching. The temptation of hopping on an elliptical or bike and starting to go full speed is hard to resist, but try to spend 5-10 minutes at a slow pace, then work up to the faster pace for the rest of your workout.

Static stretching isn't all it's cracked up to be, as far as I've heard.

Static stretching pre-workout is downright counterproductive.

If you've been working out for months and you're seriously sore EVERY time you go to the gym, you might consider speaking with your doctor.  You might have some health issue that needs to be addressed.  Don't ignore what your body is telling you

Soreness every time you go to the gym is NOT a good gauge of positive results from a work out. 

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