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I was thinking about starting it...but I just wanted to get some input. Does it really work? Can you lose weight doing it?
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well i started it properly today and managed to do it all,i tryed a few weeks ago and couldnt do it i was huffing and puffing i put it down to being to heavy to run but it was more like i was to unfit!! as for weight loss doing it its to early for me to tell,but im enjoying it and was very pleased with myself when i completed the 1st bit,it also gives me something to aim for...give it ago if you like running im sure your enjoy it

The goal for the program is to be able to run 5k, losing weight can be a side effect, but it isn't always the case.

I think it is a great program too and can effectively run 5k now. I am trying to get my time down to under 30 minutes now. I have lost some weight but I would give my eating habits credit for that. I am sure the running helped but it wasn't just that. I would definately recommend it to anyone who wants to get into jogging or running.

running is good for you.  it's good for your heart and lungs and muscles and bones.  it will increase your metabolism.  and yes, it will help you lose weight, but even more than that, it will help you keep the weight off.

i didn't use C25K; i've used a similar run-walk program.  whatever plan you use, make sure it's a beginning, not a purpose in itself. 

and keep in mind that running isn't for everyone.  some bodies just aren't put together in the right way.  so if it doesn't work for you, have a back-up plan.

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The C25K program does work.  I finished it a few weeks ago and am running 3 miles now.  I will be running a 5k in a few weeks and feel really good about it. 

In the beginning I was huffing and puffing too, and it is hard, but if you continue on, it gets easier.  The hardest run is that first 20 minute run, but after you accomplish gets easier.  It's like you level up or something. 

As far as weight loss...well, you still have to watch what you eat.  I have not lost any pounds, but I have lost some inches.  Though I really had not concentrated on my eating.  That's my next step. 

I have always failed in the past when I tried to do both at one time.  But the exercising has become a habit now that I have been doing it for three months.   This time I have decided to take it all one day at a time, exercise first, then diet.  Now that I have the excersie stuff all under control, I am going to start dieting again.  Hopefully the weight will start melting off and my body will be rocking by spring!!!

alrighty. i started today, and it wasn't THAT hard...but i'm not a "couch potato", i work out regularly...i'm just not a good runner. I think this will help =) thanks for all your advice

I can't say enough about doing a running program.  I started September 07 by joining a running clinic to learn to run.  By December I was able to do a 5km race, by May I did  1/2 marathon and by October this year I completed a full marathon. My finish time was good enough to qualify me for the Boston Marathon in April 09. 

Running will definitally help with losing and/or maintaining weight.  The other major benefit is the improved fitness that helps to truly change your life. 

Good luck with your C25K program, it has the potential to change your life.  I know it did for me.


munrori should come with a "results not typical" disclaimer Laughing

pgeorgian: your right about "results not typical" but it if it can happen to me (former over weight, smoker who had not athletic inclination) it could happen for others. 

I should have also mentioned that I started running in hopes to get my goal of walking 7km done faster.  If running isn't your thing,  Walking is just as good for weight management and physical exercise. It just takes a little longer.




yeah yeah.  you're a freak.

no, you're my hero.  i've been trying to "become a runner" for seven years, give or take, and the fact that i can now run 6k on a good day is thrilling.  the fact that you went from zero to marathon in a year is inspiring, but also a little intimidating, you know?

for the record though, running is my thing.  my mother was a track star in high school; my dad runs about as well as he dances (which is about as well as most people's dads dance).  it's just taken me this long to access the right string of DNA ;)

pgeorgian:  Having been so surprised by my experience (no one would have ever guessed, myself included) that someone could accomplish such a change.  I offer it as an example of never underestimate yourself.   I certainly did not intend for it to be intimidating, but I can now see how  you could take it that way. 

For that I do apologize.  All the best in your pursuits.  



wow.  you totally don't get me.  i'm just giving you a hard time, munrori.  i'm genuinely impressed, and i don't want to take anything away from you.

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