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30 day challenge on Wii Active

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Has anyone completed the 30 day challenge on the Wii Active? I just bought it and was wondering what everyones results were with it. Thanks a bunch!

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its really amazing.  doing it on HARD. on my 13th workout and ive dropped 12lbs so far.  definitely keep up with it. !!

I'm on medium intensity for now and it kicked my butt lol.... thanks for the review and WOW congratulations on 12 lbs yay!

yeah i remember after doing day 2 or 3 with the squats, i couldnt walk the next day. definitely killed me. but ill tell you.  lost lots of inches so far. couldnt be happier with this game.  it seriously kicks major ass. 

Yeah I just did my 2nd day work out and my legs feel like jello lol, but I have alot of energy after the work outs, which is good lol.

I am currently on my 2nd 30 day challenge. I did it on Easy the first go round, stepped up to Medium this time and when I'm done, I'll do another 30 day challenge on Hard. I'm also doing a lot of Wii Fit and I've dropped 20 lb in 6 weeks so I'd have to say, it's most definitely working for me!

And a word of advice, I just bought a wireless nunchuck and it is SO much easier to do. No more cord flapping around on volleyball or tennis drills or about to choke you to death when doing shoulder raises. I suggest getting one!

I have just done workout 4 of the 30 day challenge on medium and the lunges are an absolute killer! But I have lost 1kg so far since the beginning of the week so I'm definitely going to keep it up!

Good luck everyone!!

Congrats on your 12lb loss, onetwothreeme! That's it. I'm getting EA Active today after work! I'm not losing much on the Wii Fit despite how much I do. Thanks for the tip regarding wireless nunchucks, dnsmills! Good luck, everybody!!!

yea the wii fit is ok..just OK. its good, dont get me wrong, but this ea active is a WORK OUT in strength.  lunges, squats,  you name it.  most importantly, ITS FUN!!! fun fun fun.  my workouts dont usually last longer than 30 mins, and i never notice the time! ever.  it changes workout to workout, so i never get bored and im so happy with the results.  i hear they're coming out with a new version sometime later this year or next, so hopefully they will add the weigh-in function. for now, i use the wii fit for weigh ins.  sometimes i wish they'd add a heavier resistance band than the one included (its super light), but overall i couldnt be happier.  this game is just as good as what i paid $800 for a trainer at my gym for.  seriously.  and the results are obvious.  just gotta keep at it, i guess.  you'll be surprised at how effortless it seems to just melt off of your body.  its crazy!  yay for fitness games like this!

Here is a tip on the resistance band..... If you go past the three inches recomended for tieing the handles to the band and go ususally to about 4 or 5 inches and tie in tighter you'll get the resistance you are looking for. Congrats on everyones results. Today is my rest day and my legs are killing me lol. Keep it up everyone!

I'm on day 5 of the challenge and I love it. As this is my first foray into working out, I'm doing it on Easy, but considering bumping it up to Medium for a day to see how much more difficult it would be.

So far I love it and I don't realise that my workout is over! The resistance band worked well for me, but it's not enough for my 6'1" husband. He stretches it to the maximum and I've got the handles tied to the end of the band, so we went out and got some regular resistance bands. They come in 2 sizes, and we got small and medium. The small works well for me and he uses the medium and we get about the same resistance since the medium band is a bit longer.

Because on easy a lot of my workouts are less than 30 minutes, I'll switch over to WiiFit to do about 10 min of jackknives and hula hoop to work my abs. Couple that with brisk walking 30 min a day and I'm getting a pretty good workout for someone who never really exercised before. I too am using WiiFit for my weigh-ins once a week (although I haven't completed one week yet).

I just hope it pays off. I've just started so I've not noticed any difference yet.

I have been using the Wii Fit for the past fortnight and enjoy every minute of it.  Am sore at the moment from the boxing but from the sound of this I think I'll have to buy the Wii Active.  Hope I'm not gonna regret it with soreness....  LOL.  I need something new.  Thanks for all the great reviews.


Well I went and bought the Wii Active and I have started on the 30 day challenge yesterday.  What a workout it is.  After day 2 my legs are hindering me when I want to sit and when I want to stand!  Had to keep busy for as much of the day as possible - one way of extra exercise.

Love the tennis section of it.  Went and did a fair bit of that today after my workout - makes me want to play tennis for real again.

Thanks again for all the great reviews on it, I am looking forward to seeing results on August 26th when my first challenge is done

It will definitely give you a workout and you will be sore at first. But as someone who jumped into it with no previous exercise, I'm doing Easy and I'm extremely sore after my workout (sometimes my legs feel like they'll give out if I walk), but I feel fine the next day and ready for my next workout.

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering about the Wii exercise thingie.  I don't really know how it works.   Just exactly what is it?  I know you can use it for exercise.  I consider myself an advanced exerciser, working out 6 days a week 45mins to an hour.  I was wondering would this work for me?   I am always looking for new things to add to my exercise collection.  Also do you know how much something like that would cost?   Thanks for any information you can give.

I have started the Wii active 30 Challenge.  I have completed three days of exercises, I am starting to feel better.  Today is my day off as per wii.  Hopefullt will be reporting back with good news.

I am on a rest day today, yesterday I completed day 12!  I have lost 3.3 lbs since starting, I am working it on the easy level because I was non-active.  I am also watching my calorie intake, on my off days I will usually do some boxing on the Wii Sport.  Today when I get home from work I will most like do the 20 minute work-out on the Wii Active.  Trying really hard to build up my stamina!

Did the second 30day challenge give you different work outs or is it the same as the first 30day? Also are you or were you following a certain diet with the callenge to loose the 12lbs??



Yes I am on my second go around. I want to know though can you do two activities in one day and it count as two exercises?

No, you can't.  It will give you the same workout to do again.  I wound up finishing my first workout shortly after midnight and had wanted to do the second one on what I considered to be the next day, but Wii disagreed with me and just gave me Workout 1 again.

I finished Workout 11 yesterday.  I'm on the medium difficulty level and find the workouts good for my rest days from weight lifting and/or as warm ups.  The squat-and-hold was pretty evil though; I'll give it that.  Plus, I'm having fun with the various sports and games - except inline skating which is just squat jumps in disguise.

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