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Chair exercises...coping with bad joints

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Okay, this is the story I have a really bad knee and metal in the same leg (from a previous injury).  I work in retail so stand 7 to 8 hours a day (continuous), my feet are in bad shape and some days I can barely walk by the time I get home.  As you can imagine getting back to a gym routine doesn't hold much appeal.  I like walking, but some days after a lot of extra walking my knee is killing me.  I know there are exercises for "seniors" that you do while sitting, but my search on this site didn't bring up any results.  Has anyone else come across those types of exercises here.  I also have a bone spur in my left shoulder so there are days I can't move my arm without extreme pain.  It is so frustrating and adds to my anger over my body weight and general decline.

Who's got some serious answers?  The doctors advice is to lose weight and/or change jobs.  I did change from one retail job with more lifting and walking to one with less, but that is adding to me gaining more weight because I move less and the stess levels is higher because it has more manditory "goals" that don't fit my personality.

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Yoga can be done from a chair.... however I am not sure it would burn many calories.  Seniors would usually be participants in chair yoga.

Most of your weight loss is really controlled by diet though.  So if you can stick to a pre-determined level of calories per day, you can control your weight simply by diet.... maybe some shoulder presses, bench presses, etc too if your shoulder can handle!

I'm really sorry you have such a problem job making you aggravate your injury and pain. I myself would be no good at all if I didn't have a seated job.

Here's a direct link to the seated workout... /strength_training_for_obese_people

It's hard to believe you missed the special workouts on the Exercise Tab. Also if you follow some of the links in this article (above), you will find more and more ... there is an "office workout" that is mostly seated.  Also check out the "Beginners Corner" for exercises and just do the ones that are comfortable for you.

There's also a great book many of us arthritic folk like called Tai Chi in a Chair. has a huge amount of information on exercising for the "differently abled" more than I have found anywhere else.

True, you won't be walking a treadmill or running a 5K...but the experts on CC seem to believe that strength and resistance training will have a more lasting results burning more fat by building muscle. Anyway good luck, I hope you find some exercise that will make life a little easier for you.

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.  Guess I was just too tired and out of focus when I looked the other night.


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