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I know there is no instant cure to cellulite--and i find the creams and moisturizers very hard to believe. But I am a teenager and hate looking at cellulite on the back of my thighs. My thighs have always been my problem area and so i continue to work hard to get them leaner. But I was wondering if anyone had any tips on diminishing the appearance of cellulite?? Thanks!

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I am not a teen-51 years old and have found that running (jogging in my case) has done wonders for the cellulite on my thighs.  Good luck!
I have that problem too (like so many other women) - God I hate it. The only thing you can really do is lose weight, and even that won't get rid of it completely. Also, I heard that getting a tan can help make it less noticeable.
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lifting weights has helped reduce my cellulite
Combo of running and lifting is minimizing mine. Slowly but surely
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Hey there!
Celulite is fatty is very genetic.  Some other causes to cellutlite are caffine (taken interally), sitting and getting no movement in that area and of course weight gain.
Cellulite can hold in alot of the body's toxins as well.  Drink alot of water...say at least 6 bottles a day.  Stop drinking pop...or have a shot of pop a day.
Massage the area every day....gets the blood circulating and the toxins moving...
And of course a clean diet and excercise...Although there is no CURE for cellulite, you can diminish the look dramatically.  Start now...while you're young :)
And please don't go tanning...use the mystic tan or self tanners...the last thing you want is wrinkles And cellulite :)

Medical Esthetician for a Plastic Surgeon
Self tanners come out of a bottle - they don't involve tanning beds or the real sun and they diminish the look of cellulite dramatically.
Give the anti-cellulite diet a try.  (Or at least a thorough read.)
Yeah -- don't look behind you! :P That's what works for me. lol
I started using the Jergens Firming tanning lotion and its working pretty good.  I don't think exercise and stuff really help.  Its more of a skin condition and even very skinny people can have cellulite.  My 20 yo daughter for one and my boss who even had liposuction has really bad cellulite and she works out alot and is very thin.

cellulite is jsut sticky fat cells. there really is nothign you can do about it, though moisturizer might help you massage the area to break up the cells a bit. i have found that the mary kay celushape system helps smooth out the area.  weight lifting and cardio are also good ways to help the area.  you should try squats and lunges as though help to tone up the lower body, not to mention lift the behind! :)
I'm not saying anything different from what Elizabeth (ehalo1), our resident Medical Esthetician for a Plastic Surgeon, said above.  I'm just going to say it a little differently.

Cellulite isn't something that humans are supposed to have, and the fact that some people get it and some people don't means that there is either a genetic basis or an environmental (diet and exercise) basis.

Well, it's both.  Some people's genetics manifest the results of their environmental choices (what they eat, what they do) as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases.  Some people manifest it as cottage cheese thighs (and maybe a selection of other things as well, later in life).

There IS a way to eat and to live that clears up cellulite over time simply by removing the environmental conditions around fat cells that are causing the cellulite.

There are many cultures around the world whose women get NO CELLULITE.  Good genetics?  Or do they just live more closely connected to the natural way for humans to eat and live?

Consider that the US and Europe have the highest rates of cellulite, but not for any particular ethnicity.  It seems that all racial backgrounds across the board experience higher rates of cellulite when switching to a Standard American Diet and lifestyle.

If you could change one thing about your diet to prevent and perhaps even start to clear up cellulite:  DRINK MORE WATER.  More than a gallon a day.
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In just four weeks this summer, I got rid of every noticeable sign of cellulite on my thighs and bum.  It happened so quickly I hardly noticed it was going.  Then one day . . . voila!  No more evidence of annoying, fat-related bumpiness.

How did it happen?  Well, I've been running about 20 miles a week (I'm taking advantage of the nice weather this summer), cutting wa-ay back on my weekly alcohol consumption and avoiding late night eating -- that's anything within 3 hours before I go to bed at night.

I'm 30 years old and quite athletic, but the switch from a job where I was on my feet all day to a sedentary desk job required me to re-think my weekly exercise regimen entirely.

My advice to you isn't too far off the basics you've read above:

1. Do as much high-intensity aerobic exercise as you can fit into your schedule (running a few times per week will bear the fastest results) as well as some moderate weight and resistance training.  I teach a kickboxing fitness class a few times per week, which provides plenty of excellent strength training to complement my running schedule; it also reduces my stress levels considerably, which is a helpful bonus.

2. Drink lots of water, reduce your alcohol intake to one or two drinks MAXIMUM per week (zero is even better, of course), and make breakfast your most substantial meal of the day.  Lunch should be moderately sized, dinner light.  Avoid snacking between dinner and bedtime.  And do your best to avoid low-nutrient, high-fat foods like cakes, french fries, potato chips and doughnuts.

Finally, keep in mind that in this sometimes backward-thinking Western society of ours, people often mistakenly equate "thinness" with "fitness," though the two are hardly synonymous. 

A person can weigh 105 lbs. and still be in absolutely terrible shape.  In fact, people who don't gain weight easily often allow themselves to develop terrible eating and exercise habits, figuring that as 'thin' people, they have nothing to worry about by lying around on the couch every day eating cheeseburgers and Pepsi.

The truth is, many such people are what doctors are now calling "skinny-fat" -- and they are quite often more susceptible to cellulite than heavier people who are healthy and active!
Michelene, I am very intrigued by your post. What is your running schedule? I think I am one of those skinny fat girls now (went from just being fat to now skinny-fat) and my cellulite is far worse now than before I lost the weight (I think or maybe I just never inspected myself as much when I was miserable). Anyway, I am now taking up running and would love to see results like yours. Can you let me know your schedule? Thanks.
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I absolutely agree with Michelene! I got rid of all my cellulite the same way! My thighs used to be FULL of it, but in only a few weeks it's all gone. Seriously, everything is firm and smooth, you can't even tell it was ever there. Hurray! All from running regularly and eating well.
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Hi, NYCgirl.  I've heard from different people that a significant weight loss without a simultaneous cardio/weight program to support it can make cellulite look worse.  I'd say you're on the right track with running, as it'll do a lot to tighten up everything that needs tightening now that you've slimmed down, and will also help you continue to steadily burn calories and keep your body firm over time.

You'll also see comparatively quick results with running, which is very satisfying in itself.  This is providing, of course, that you continue to eat well and do some strength and resistance cross-training -- even something as simple as doing a few sets of push-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups, lunges and squats in your own living room several times per week.

(And naturally, I'd also recommend a good aerobic kickboxing class if you can find one near you.  It's a great full-body workout, and learning how to punch and kick properly is a life skill every woman should pick up, in my opinion.)

I'm running 3 times per week on alternating days, for a distance of 10k (7 miles) per run.  That's in addition to two 80-minute kickboxing sessions per week.  The running in particular definitely seems to be the magic bullet for cellulite.  The visible changes happening from my waist down since June have been astonishing, to say the least.

After keeping to this schedule -- plus the changes to my eating and drinking habits as described in my last post -- for eight weeks, each run now takes me just less than one hour at a moderate-to-fast pace, with no walking breaks.  I'm improving my run time slightly each week, while keeping my distance the same.  I'm hoping to be able to run 10k in 45 minutes by the end of August.

I know many people who train in the opposite direction -- working on their speed first, then increasing their distance as they get more fit.  I personally just prefer starting with the longer distance and improving my time, because it's an opportunity for me to relax and forget about life for awhile.  And for me, the last half of a 10K run is the best part -- that's when I start to feel almost as if I can fly. :)

If you choose to do a shorter distance/time (ie: three miles per run), you should try to get out at least 5 or 6 times per week.  And remember, the main thing (especially when you're starting out) isn't speed OR distance, it's keeping to your set schedule no matter what and making gradual improvements over time.  Keep pushing yourself to do just a little bit better than you did a week ago.

By the way, in addition to making my cellulite go *poof* I've lost 20lbs. in 8 weeks, as well as increasing my lean muscle mass considerably.

To map a running route for yourself based on distance, try this site.  (Much cheaper than buying a GPS unit).

P.S. Thanks for the backup, DYN. :)  I think there must be some innate genetic need for humans to run.  Must come from our hunting and gathering days. 
I repeat what others have said: running does wonders for cellulite!
What about bicycling? That's my preferred method of working out and it works the thighs pretty well, too, no? Jogging and running is really tough on my knees (old soccer injury) and ankles (small, weak ankles). Since it's a thigh-heavy workout...could it not help with cellulite, too?
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Funny -- somebody just asked the same question at my kickboxing class tonight.

I'm sure other standard cardio workouts (cycling, swimming, brisk walking) would also help with cellulite to some degree; it's just been my experience that running is particularly effective in getting these results.

Maybe it's just because an hour's worth of running burns a greater amount of energy than an hour of swimming or an hour of cycling (etc.), so the cumulative effect in proportion to the relative time investment is more noticeable.  But my gut feeling is that there is something more to it than that.

Of course, it's not as though I've got a bibliography of scientific research to back me up, here.  My opinion is strictly based on experience.  But the fact that other posters are saying more or less the same thing I am about running (and not about cycling, or swimming, or brisk walking) is rather interesting, to say the least.

Hey, aquasheep -- why don't you try cycling 60-100K per week from now until mid-September, and let us know what kind of results you see by that point?  I imagine that's the only way we'll be able to figure this thing out once and for all.

Anyone want to volunteer to be the swimming "lab rat" for our little cellulite study? :)

Maybe it's because running jiggles the butt/thighs? People have said stimulating the cellulite helps...


lol jiggling :P

My lumpy cellulite arrived in my early teens, and nothing I ever did affected it until I took up running.  I've been running a few years now, and the effect on my cellulite is startling.  I still carry my excess weight on my bum and thighs, but the awful orange peel lumpy appearance is gone.  I can't quite believe it myself.....

Running is the way to go ladies!

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