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Cardio and Strength Training on the same day?

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Is it a bad idea to do both cardio and strength training on the same day?  Will my muscles not heal as quickly because the calories that would normally be used to repair them get used up when I did the cardio?  I usually do 15 minutes or less of cardio and then 30 minutes of strength training.  I wouldn't mind losing fat, but I absolutely do not want to lose muscle.  Advice?
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i have done this all month.. i would say dont. It wears you out and in the end you just want to do "oh, ill do 10 more mins runing so i dont have to do my sit ups and stuff!"

up to you, though. Just does not work for me, hence why today im doing no cross trainer and just doing abs and theighs.

Good to know.  I knew you weren't suppose to do upper body and lower body at the same time.

But I have been traditionally using cardio then weights on one part of the body.. hmm
I do a full body workout!  I try to work all my muscle groups every time I work out.  I hope that's not the wrong way to go about this.
See I don't know what I am suppose to be doing. 

I used to work with a trainer and I didn't have to plan any of it.  I just did it with her.  Now that I am on my own I try to follow similar regimens that her and I did -- and I did cardio of some sort for 30 minutes every day.... Then afterward I either did upper body -- or lower body for 30 minutes.  Some machines, but mostly aweful crunches, lunges and squats!

Let me know when you find out which is most effective.  I'll look into it right now on google. 

Here it is in a nutshell.

You need to give your muscles at least a day to rest. When you do resistance training.. you actually HURT your muscle.. creating microtears in the muscle fibers. You need to give your body about 48 hours for that microtear to heal. When it's healed (and only when it's healed!), you will be slightly stronger. :)
If you should try to use the non-healed muscle the next day, however, you'll find you may not be as strong (because you haven't healed) and have a higher probability of giving yourself an injury.

That's where you got the idea of not doing upper and lower the same day. You CAN do a total body work out, but make sure to take a day off before doing it again. :)
Or you can do upper one day, and lower the next and then upper and then lower.

Up to you :) Just don't use the same muscles two days in a row :)

Got it? :)

YOu can do cardio as often as you want and there is no law that says doing cardio and stregth in one session is bad.  Just if you do cardio and weights be sure to work one or 2 areas of weight one day then another the next day.  So I could do elliptical for 30  then arms and abs then tomorrow will do chest and legs after elliptical then next day to shoulders back  etc and so forth
the gym i go to is predominantly male body builders (sigh...drool...) and they always lift first then do cardio, and alot of body builders are more into HIIT (hi intensity interval training) than into extensive moderate cardio

do your strength training first, then cardio after, sorry, i dont remember exactly why thats more effective, but it is...i do know its easier to run with fatigued muscles than it is to lift with fatigued muscles, probably safer too

i typically alternate cardio days with lifting days, but usually will throw in some HIIT or brief cardio after i lift just to squeeeeeeeze a little more out of my workouts, otherwise, if i were to do both daily, if i want to hit the weights hard, i would go easy on the cardio that day, if i want to hit cardio hard, i would go easy on the weights that day 

like hk said, be sure to give specific muscles a day of rest
I usually go to the gym on Thursdays and Saturdays and I would do 45 min cardio and then 15 min strength training. On Mon - Wed I just walk for an hour. Sooo, I guess what you are telling me is that I should be doing 15 min of strength training and THEN 45 min of cardio!
I was just reading an article on this...cardio is better AFTER weight training because the weight training depletes your glycogen stores, thereby making your cardio more effective for fat burning (because the quick energy has been used up).  Plus, you will have more energy to lift harder if you haven't worn yourself out with cardio first.

However, you should still do a little cardio warm up before training, 5-10 minutes just to get things started.

And make sure you eat a little something after working out to give your body the fuel it needs to rebuild those muscles.
another good way to do this is circuit training.. a workout that is comprised of two circuits, each with six strength/cardio exercises that are completed one right after the other, with little or no rest in between. Here's a link that better describes.

However I don't think how you work out is as important as the fact that you are doing it! Just give muscles at least a day of rest like hk said :)
I switch things up. Mostly to keep things interesting, but I found out that this allows for decent muscle repair too. Here is my usual scedule:

Monday: running (60 min) and turbojam abs (20 min)
Tuesday: running (40 min) and turbojam turbo sculpt-arms, legs and butt mostly (40 min)
Wednesday: running (60 min) and balance ball (30 min)
Thursday: running (40 min) pilates video (45 min)
Friday: running (60 min) turbojam lower body jam (legs and butt)
Saturday: rest day - make sure to lower the calorie intake
Sunday: recumbent bike (90 min)

I also switch up the running with the recument bike a bit too because of weather and such. But I am training for a 5k so I run a lot.

I always remind myself too that even getting up out of bed burns more calories than just laying there.
I've done both on the same day ever since I started working out.  The key, like has been mentioned, is to make sure individual muscles have time to recuperate from the lifting.  Cardio exercise tends to be low enough intensity (muscle-wise) to avoid adding to the risk of overtraining.

If you do want to burn more fat, you'd want to add more cardio.  It takes a little time for the body to get into a full-fledge aerobic cycle, and it's only then that you're burning fat significantly.  Try around 30-45mins of cardio, at an intensity where you can have a broken conversation (the "talk test").  As long as you keep up proper weight training, the extra cardio will not cause muscle loss.

In terms of which to do first, I'd say go in the order that keeps you motivated (maybe even switch them up regularly).  I do lifting first, since like tracy mentioned it makes logical sense metabolically for fat loss and for maximizing lifting ability.
I sometime do both on the same day, but like to seperate them by at least 4 hours. I want as much of my strength for my lifting, and if I use up to much energy with cardio, I will not have enough to finish up my lifting routine.

I have heard from others that 5-15 minutes of slow jogging on the treadmill is good to get your muscles warmed up for lifting, and help prevent injury.
so walking is what? cardio? because my new school/work/dog walking schedule allows me 30-60 minutes on a treadmill 4 days a week (tuesday-friday). are my thigh and calf muscles ripping and not repairing? also, i don't really have acces to any other kind of exercise machine, so i am wondering will walking (really fast) help me lose weight all over or will it just build muscle in my legs and leave me fatty all over...
I do 10 minutes of cardio before I lift to warm up and loosen the joints.  I do that 3 days a week and I've started doing max OT cardio twice a week now.  But I won't do that on days I lift.  I work both upperbody and lower body muscles on the same day and have had no problems (other than exaustion, haha).  I usually go every other day to lift...but if I am still sore, I skip that day and go the next.  You have to listen to your body.
I also double post. DOH!
I try to do cardio minimum 5-6 days per week, 30 min.  I usually use the cross-trainer or a combo of cross-trainer and treadmill or upright bike.

I do strength training 3X per week or more often if I wind up splitting up muscle groups into different days.  I don't have any problem with doing cardio and strength training on the same day.

 Thanks for the tip about strength training first...I found I *like* doing it first more, so it is nice to know that that is also the better thing.


I am a personal trainer... so this stuff I know.  You can do cardio daily.  You can also weight train (or resistance train) daily as well AS LONG AS you don't use the same muscles on consecutive days (as someone has already posted).  So you could do cardio and upper one day, cardio and lower the next.  Or you can do cardio and "pull" movements, then the next day cardio and "push" movements.  There are many many ways to break it up.  Upper lower is the most common way. 

Good Luck!
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