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Cardio in the morning?

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  I do about 5 minutes of jump rope  in the morning before I eat my breakfast since I heard it's good for fat burning weight loss.

Has anyone every do cardio before you've eaten your breakfast and lost weight?  Did it really work?
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The whole thing about working out before eating breakfast is a myth. It's crucial for your body to consume some sort or protein and/or carbohydrate prior to any kind of workout (especially cardio) for the simple fact that carbs is what gives us energy and protein is what helps improve our muscle mass.

If you work out first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast, that forces your body to feed off your muscles and break down any protein that your body may have. Remember, Breakfast means to "break your fast" because your body goes hours without any kind of food or nourishment that it needs to function properly.

It's unhealthy to workout while your body is in need of nutrients. Consider eating a piece of toast with a spread of peanut butter, or a hard boiled egg or something before you work out. It'll give you energy, and it'll give your body something to burn while you work out.

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no, it's no myth.. blood sugar levels at the morning are low but stable which means you use your body's storages for energy.

doing rope jumping is actually not a very good idea seeing as it's more un-aerobic than aerobic.
un-aerobic activity mainly uses sugar as it's source of energy, and sugar cannot be extracted from fat.

a good before-breakfast activity would be walking or jogging, where main energy source is aerobic and can also use your fat storage to create energy.
There is no solid proof that backs up the theory of your body burning more before you eat. I'm not saying it doesn't, but I'm not saying it does. Again, this is another controversial debate. Even if it was true, it probably isn't that healthy because your body is practically starving while you force yourself to work. Not only that, but people whose bodies are starving while they work out will probably end up cutting their workout short and possibly over eating once their workout is done.

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How is jumping rope "un-aerobic"?

Your body burns through about 80% of your glycogen stores overnight so it is better to eat a little before you exercise, as you will get a better quality of workout because your brain won't be starved of fuel. It doesn't take long to burn through that last 20% and then it is likely that you will start feeling dizzy and light headed.

One study showed that people who exercise before they eat do burn more calories from fat than those who don't. However, the results only showed a negligible difference as the people who ate were able to (and did) work out longer than those who did not.

You also may eat more after working out on an empty stomach as your blood sugar will be low. Have a piece of fruit or a yogurt before you work out and you will be able to work out longer, and have a better quality of exercise as you won't be feeling fatigued.

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Thanks for  the  responses, all are very appreciated. 

But how is jumping ropun-aerobic? 
Jumping rope is NOT "un-aerobic" (WTF?) nor is it anaerobic -- according to the American Lung Association:

Aerobic activities use the arm and leg muscles and give the heart (and lungs) a continuous workout. Anaerobic activities build and tone muscles but are not as beneficial to the heart and lungs as aerobic activities

Jumping rope can be anaerobic -- if it is a short burst all out effort which stresses the anaerobic threshold (this is similar to what happens in some HIIT training and training by elite athletes) -- but for most of us it is Aerobic.

edit: I don't think jump roping is an actual activity (although, it may be...)Embarassed
I think the am workout, like almost everything, depends on the person and there is not one one-size-fits-all answer.

I workout very early in the am, usually without eating prior, because I literally roll out of bed, brush my teethers and am off.  I do it this way because it is best for my schedule but I also find that I get the best workouts first thing.  Now, sometimes I do wake up hungry or at least I feel like I need fuel, and I'll eat something real light, but this is the exception for me, not the rule.  And, in the past few months, there has only been 1 day out of 6xweek that I have not had the energy to complete my scheduled workout.  As long as I eat normal calories the day before, I'm fine.

I had heard before that it's good for you to do your cardio in the am b/c it draws on stored fat for energy, but that is not why I do it.  It's just best for me that way.
I workout 1st thing in the morning and dont eat and find that I have more energy and seem to lose more at the end of the week than when i dont. you gotta do whats best for you forget all the articles and opinions try it for a few weeks and make your own judgement do what works best for you thats what i've learned over these last 2yrs i've been dieting and i've lost 60lbs. So Do you Homie! thats my best advice. 
I am in week 4 of working out first thing in the am, and I love it. I roll out of bed, go for my jog, shower then eat some breakfast and off to work! I feel better when I get to work after my am workout. It fits in with my schedule the best, and I think that is the most important thing. If jumping rope in the am is what you can stick with, then that is what will work for you!
I've been working out first thing in the morning for 5 days now. I've been eating half my breakfast before and half after my workout. I really don't know what to believe...there's so much conflicting information out there.

What else for me to do at my desk on Friday than respond to posts like this!?  Ha!

I like to jump rope to warm up before a workout.   Just for a few minutes.  It gets my heart rate up nicely.  To me, its an aerobic warm-up.  If I were to do it for, say, a half hour, then it would be an aerobic exercise because my heart rate would be in the range of cardiovascular benefit for 30 whole minutes.

I eat a small something in the morning before a workout.  Regardless of what people say or think, I am seeing good results from my diet/exercise plan, and if I do or don't eat a little something before I work out isn't going to change that.

So I have an idea - do what feels right for you.  If you're hungry or feel like you're lacking energy, eat.  If you aren't hungry or want to wait til after you've done your 5 minutes of jumping rope, then don't eat!

Here we go again, maybe it works for me and not for you, we are all different.

I would rather err on the side of less fat, and less excuses.

Five minutes of anything doesn't do anything, there is no way you are burning much, except for a few calories.

If you jump rope, or do anything you will need to do it at least 25 minutes.

I run 7km every morning on an empty stomach (but lots of water).  I have never felt dizzy or had any negative side effects.

I have heard a lot of different things about what is more efficient or better for your body, but I think it comes down it, its an individual preference. I don't really care what the studies say, because my routine is the only way I know the exercise will get done.

Since I started running (I do it in the morning as you ask), I actually became my leanest while consuming a 100 kcal gel before the run and 100-300 kcal of sports drink (like Gatorade) during the run. The carbohydrates yield better performance, which led to a leaner body. Woo-hoo for consuming candy like substances first thing in the morning. :) 

Original Post by helpless:

  I do about 5 minutes of jump rope  in the morning before I eat my breakfast since I heard it's good for fat burning weight loss.

Has anyone every do cardio before you've eaten your breakfast and lost weight?  Did it really work?

im no help w that cause im not trying to lose weight, just stay toned..but whenever i workout before breakfast im SO much more tired and cant workout as hard as i do after ive eaten.
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