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Is cardio, crunches and push-ups sufficient?

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I have been going to the gym 5 times a week for the past 3 mths and I've managed to drop about 19lbs.    My routine consisted of...
MWF: 40 mins cardio, weights and crunches
Tue Th: 60 mins cardio and crunches
I have also completely count down on junk food and drink a lot of water.

However, in a few weeks, I will be starting a new job as well as going to school.  From the looks of it, I will not be able to fit in any gym time unless I wake up at 5am every morning to go.

I plan on getting a treadmill and running according to my previous routine.  Will my weightloss be as effective if I replace my weight training with basic crunches, situps, pushups...etc?I don't have any free weights, so I am wondering if these "at home" excersizes will be as effective.
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Save some $$$ and buy a good pair of running shoes instead of a treadmill and go hit the pavement or trails. you`ll keep the weight off better by running. Push ups, sit ups & crunchs will keep you tone.
I thought the weight lifting played a major role in weightloss...wouldn't it be less effective without it?
weight trainning burns some good calories but cardio will do better for keeping the weight off, like you said incorporate your push ups and crunchs and what ever you also like to do at home. Myself i have never gone to the gym to loose weight for me its all diet and cardio and that can be done at home. I  love the resistance cords myself for a great workout. no need for weights. sounds like your doing great just keep it up.....
For sure. Even if you cant do a routine on some days (busy days or lots of study) either eat less on that day (but dont dip below your min intake 1200 for chicks, 1500 for guys I think it is) or just shave off 100-200 cals for the next few days to make up for it.

Just staying active will help weight loss, even if its only 30 mins walking a day. In the end, its calories burnt v calories eaten.

I find it easy to do pushups/crunches/lunges upon waking, and 1 hr before bed, and commit myself to 30mins of SOMETHING every day, on busy days.
Apr 05 2007 06:25
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you can do strength and resistance exercise from home.  the equipment is not expensive.  check out this link for a starting routine.  there are links to more complext stuff. htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=exercise&zu=library%2 Fblbeginnerstrength.htm
has anyone else been successful in weightloss by doing ONLY cardio without any strength training?
Apr 06 2007 04:09
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yes, BUT!!!!

but you lose lean muscle mass if you don't work it.
Weight training helps you gain and maintain lean muscle mass, which speeds up your metabolism.  In the long run, this will help you maintain any weight loss you acheive.  You could lose weight through diet alone.

Also, abs are muscles; you should not work them out every day.  Aim for 2-3x per week non-consecutive days.
I lost 55 lbs and never lifted a weight or did a crunch the whole time it was by walking and walking only - so yes you can lose weight just by doing cardio.  I didn't start weights untll last summer and hadn't done a curnch until this fall when I started a cardio class.  Since doing the weights and crunches I also haven't lost any weight - I have eaten more though and so its my own fault.

WEights will tone but they really don't do much for losing fat - you got to do cardio to do that.
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