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carbs or protein before working out?

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What do you guys think? What do you eat before cardio workout (running, biking, etc.) vs a strength training workout?
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My rule has always been: carbs before (30-90 minutes, depending on the size of the meal) and protein after. I'm all about protein drinks these days, and it seems to help my cravings and to help my muscles recover.
i usually have a fat free yogurt before working out and a protein shake with banana after...
I don't really do strength workouts. I do a lot of cycling.

I'll eat a PB&J, or a Clif Bar, or a bowl of frosted shredded wheat, about half an hour before a ride, if I'm already hungry. If I'm not, then I'll rely on whatever I ate at my last meal for the initial energy, and for a long workout, I'll carry a bunch of Clif Bars in my jersey pockets.

After a ride, I drink a big glass of chocolate milk (1 pint skim milk, 3 tbsps Nesquik) to get both protein *and* carbs. The protein helps to rebuild the muscle damage from the workout, and the carbs go straight to restoring glycogen (your body is most receptive to both in the first 30 minutes after your workout. If you can't get the recovery drink or meal in that soon, at least get it in within an hour of completing your workout).

The rule I've read from reading the columns of sports nutritionists is that, during extended aerobic activity, you want to take in a ratio of 1g of protein per 4g of carbs, ideally getting in 600 calories per hour (if you can, as that's a tough sell--1 Clif Bar and a quart of half-strength Gatorade totals only 350 calories, for example). For your post workout recovery meal, you want 1g of protein per 2g of carbs, in an amount such that you get 0.5g of protein per kg of body weight. This gives your body what it needs to recover for your next workout.

Those are rules for endurance activity. Hard sessions with the weights will likely have different requirements.
definitely carbs before work out, and protein after workout to feed muscles
I agree with behanna.... 1g protein per 4g carbs after workout is perfect... Chocolate milk is the best recovery drink since it already comes with 8g protein and 32g carbs per serving...

About 30 minutes to an hour before, you wanna build up your glycogen stores if it's a long workout... Eat some carbs
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