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Why can't I get my heart rate matter how hard I work out?

Quote  |  Reply matter how hard I work out, I can't seem to get my heart rate up. What is my max that I am to be at to burn fat? I am 49 years old and my sitting heart rate is about 85. I can't get my rate passed 115 per minute. If I work out for more than an hour sometimes it will get up to about 120...I think it should be more than this to burn fat. Any suggestions!
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I think you are burning fat at that rate -->   220 - 49 = 171 (estimated maximum heart rate) , so 119 would be about 70%, right?  I try to keep mine around 136 though so I burn it a little faster and better cardio.  What kind of workouts are you doing?  The aerobics friend says do light (2#)weights while walking the treadmill - like reaching up and over head tll heart rate increases - just keep an eye on it.  Anytime you get your arms up above your head, the heart will have to work a little harder.  According to the Polar Heart Rate Monitor site:

 60-70%  Lose Weight or Recover   (102 - 119)
 70-80%  Improve Aerobic Fitness  (119 - 136) 

Your doing good - keep it up!  Hope this helps a little.
Oh,,, Thank you! I usually do the treadmill and then bike ride a half hour each. I'll try to get my heart rate up there faster to have a better work out. I have fibromyalgia as well but the more I work out the better I feel. But I still need to be careful not to over do it. I do know I'm getting stronger and last longer. I started out and could only do 10 one hour is great! Thanks again!
Coffee - I am 47 and my "fat burning zone is a heart rate of 105-121  my cardio hard rate is 156.  I think if you are able to get it to and maintain it at 115 you are doing fine. 

The faster heart rates actually burn more calories but it doesn't burn as much fat.  Be sure to do what feels right for you.  Fibromyalagia is not to be messed with so don't push yourself too much and end up aggravating this.
this may sound idiotic, but analyze your breathing.

I tend to breathe from my nose only sometimes, and my heart rate stays rather low then. when I make a point to breathe deeper and breathe through my mouth, my heart rate goes up.

I think it has something to do with your exercise being aerobic or anaerobic.... but that's what I heard from someone else, so this could be entirely wrong..

if so, someone please set me straight. :)
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